Maximizing Your Enjoyment of STARGAZING Book by Gregg D Thompson


Learn the ‘how to’ of stargazing – how to have an unforgettable ‘Wow!’ observing experience – about using telescopes – making discoveries – taking stunning astro-images – how to build a practical observatory – and visiting the world’s largest telescopes, and so much more.

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Volume 1 of The Ultimate Guide to STARGAZING and from the creator of INFINITY Attraction: Maximising your Enjoyment of STARGAZING allows you to discover many unexpected joys of stargazing so you can have many truly unforgettable ‘Wow!’ experiences. It unveils a wealth of techniques and knowledge to enhance your stargazing.

At the outset, there is a wonderful, simple visual explanation of the structure and scale of the universe. Astronomical terms are well explained with great visuals as is the value of joining astronomy clubs and visiting planetariums.

You’ll discover the vast array of celestial objects visible to the naked eye, as well as the remarkable observations you can make using binoculars and telescopes. It provides invaluable guidance on selecting, buying, and using these instruments to their fullest potential.

You’ll learn how to take stunning astro-images and how to make colourful drawings of your observations as well as making discoveries. It explains where to find the darkest, cloud-free skies, the best times to observe, and what clothing to wear. You will see how to maximise your eyes’ sensitivity, how to minimise light pollution, and how to go about observing different types of objects and phenomena,

There is an excellent chapter on how to build the most practical amateur observatories and where to visit the world’s largest sci-fi-like observatories. All this with extraordinary supporting imagery throughout.

The STARGAZING’s volumes cover so much that even the most seasoned observers learn a great deal from them.


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