From the Creator of INFINITY Attraction, Observing and Understanding DEEP SPACE – Volume 3: The Ultimate Guide to Stargazing



From the Creator of INFINITY Attraction
Biggest Questions is truly unique. It covers a broad range of extraordinary scientific discoveries that have major unexpected implications. This will excite enquiring, inquisitive minds.

It has an easy-to-read style without mathematics or complicated scientific terms. It overflows with extraordinary imagery, highly informative diagrams and numerous thought-provoking concepts. Fascinating additional information boxes relate to many subjects. The author recounts amusing personal anecdotes associated with various subjects. He poses questions of his own that few, if any, scientists have thought to ask.

BQs answers such questions as: How did the universe come into being and evolve to become evermore complex? What is its surprising, large-scale structure? What are its two opposing properties that drive its evolution? How will it evolve in the distant future? Will it die? What allows us to see to the beginning of time? Could it be a computer simulation? Is everything programmed by innumerable formulas? How could it have over 30 incredibly finely-tuned conditions that are infinitely beyond chance for it to exist? Could a god have created the universe? What might its ultimate goal be? Could there be other universes?
Will humans explore Mars? Will we build spaceships to explore our galaxy? Are space warps and teleporters possible? Will we be able to communicate with alien intelligences? Why does space contract to zero, mass become infinite, and time stop ticking at the speed of light? What unsuspected contradiction occurs at the surface of black holes?

How many planets might there be that have life and intelligence? Could other intelligences have evolved billions of years before it did on Earth? Could UFOs be alien spacecraft? What defines life? What are the basic conditions for life to exist? How did life evolve on Earth? How complex is simple life? Will life be discovered on the other planets?

How might humans evolve in the near future? Is it likely that alien life will be carbon-based and use DNA that programs its evolution? How different might extra-terrestrial life be to life on Earth? Why do we not see clear evidence of advanced aliens? What caused human intelligence to evolve so relatively quickly?

Is the future predetermined? Are our decisions made before our conscious mind is aware of them? To what degree do our genes determine our looks, our health, and our thoughts? What is consciousness? Why does increasing consciousness appear to expand the passing of time? Why do mammals have two brains that think independently and how does this affect how we think? How many senses do we really have? Has intelligence been discovered in the simple life forms?

What is exponential technological growth? How dramatically will it change everything? What impact will highly advanced AI and robotics soon have? Will humans have jobs in the near future? Why will the cost of production approach zero? What impact will quantum computers have? Will AI become superior to the entire human race and control the world? Will we evolve into highly diversified superhumans (transhumans) with far greater intelligence, extraordinary knowledge, and super-physical capabilities? Could everything soon be 3D printed, including life? What will cities of the future be like? Could virtual worlds or universes be created? Does our Earth have many very special aspects?

Readers will be shocked and excited by many of the book’s answers.
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