For an amazing, unique Gold Coast experience for adults, kids parties, school children, Schoolies 2024 celebration or a team-building exercise then you can’t miss the INFINITY experience.

For the ultimate kid’s party, make INFINITY your child’s party venue. It’s suitable for kids over 8 years of age and great value at special discounted rates. It’s an excellent, innovative fun activity for kids. Great dining options   with Infinity Meal deals at Betty’s Burgers and dining in Chevron Renaissance centre or other local restaurants.

The ultimate hype Schoolies experience, take a trip into the depths of your mind at INFINITY. A chemical-free Gold Coast experience that no Schoolie should ever miss. Book your Surfers Paradise Schoolies accommodation and book your INFINITY tickets.

social clubs

Social Clubs looking for fun activities love visiting INFINITY because it caters so well for something completely different to anything their members have ever experienced before. They exit laughing and raving about how they reacted to the different sensory stimuli.

For educational activities for school students, INFINITY Attraction is ideal. It lends as a fun, yet educational school excursion for students.

INFINITY Attraction is a unique synthesis of technology and art that takes  school students on a fun interactive, learning experience. This unique activity for school students invokes a powerful sense of discovery as they explore a diversity of psychological responses to unique special effects inside immersive art environments.

The INFINITY Attraction offers fun-filled challenges, totally new experiences and a powerful sense of achievement. It expands the imagination and improves problem-solving abilities. Demonstrate your company’s commitment to lateral thinking, staff motivation, breaking through boundaries and looking towards the excitement that the future holds. Its a great way to reward your team or staff for work well done. It encourages staff to expand their horizons and think outside the square.

Have an absolute ball with your workmates. You’ll laugh at the antics of your colleagues as they try to make their way through INFINITY – it will be the talk of the office for months to come! Definitely, some funny moments to talk about for ages. Why not start with a quick beverage at The Local next door to settle the nerves or heighten the senses on your INFINITY experience.

For Youth groups looking for indoor activities, INFINITY is a fantastic bonding experience.

INFINITY is a superb conference-opening ice-breaker, a wonderful reviver for the end of the busy conference day. It’s a truly unique and innovative experience that will challenge, stimulate and invigorate the senses and impress delegates from any part of the world. It’s a great pre-dinner experience that makes for jovial dinner conversation.