Our SOLAR SYSTEM – Volume 2 : The Ultimate Guide to Stargazing


From the Creator of INFINITY Attraction.  The Ultimate Guide to STARGAZING’s Volume 2 Book: OBSERVING AND DISCOVERING OUR SOLAR SYSTEM

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From the Creator of INFINITY Attraction
The Ultimate Guide to STARGAZING’s Volume 2: OBSERVING AND DISCOVERING OUR SOLAR SYSTEM explodes with unimagined discoveries about our solar system’s planets and its amazing diversity of moons, as well as comets and asteroids. The abundant imagery of these worlds is simply spectacular, as are the extraordinary views of the Sun’s enormous storms and our Moon’s dramatic features. You’ll see solid evidence that the Apollo astronauts went to the Moon and photographed it in amazing detail.
What has recently been discovered about our solar system is far beyond what was ever expected. There are gigantic spires of ice kilometres high on the edge of one of Saturn’s rings! The greatest volcano in the solar system lies on Mars with its summit in space! A totally unexpected diversity of landscapes was discovered on Pluto! On Io, there are constantly exploding volcanoes with colourful lava, and on Triton, huge black geysers exist! There are so many more such examples across the solar system.
You’ll discover how our solar system formed and its unexpected structure. The planets are surprisingly different and so are their moons.
You’ll learn the best times to observe and photograph special phenomena, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar haloes, the zodiacal light, enormous solar storms, meteor showers, and satellites.
This volume explains why the Earth’s climate is constantly changing due to its ever-changing orbit and the constantly changing tilt and wobble of its axis.
You will find out how to see in a telescope surprising phenomena when the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and bright stars are setting or rising over a low horizon. Most evenings you will be able to witness the Earth’s shadow during twilight and observe satellites as soon as the sky darkens. You’ll learn when to see extraordinary auroras and how to photograph them, as well as lighting and the newly discovered sprite lightning at the edge of space! You’ll learn about the many truly amazing aspects of meteors and what occurs when they hit our Earth.
This volume allows you to feast your eyes on the best imagery by far ever assembled in any astronomy book. It brings to life all aspects of our truly amazing solar system that few people know about.

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Dreamtech Designs & Productions Pty Ltd (08 May 2023)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 533 pages

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