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Gold Coast Attraction Infinity Gold Coast

INFINITY is the ultimate Gold Coast attraction. Its creator describes the major Infinity environments as immersive art in which guests are not simply looking at an art form but are totally immersed in an interactive electronic canvas of the future.

INFINITY showcases a new and holistic expression of a series of innovative art forms that had their genesis in the creators days as an art student and represent a body of original work that has been developed over many decades.

After many years of prototyping and developing the technologies and artistry employed in the artworks, some of the original works were shown at the Museum of Modern Art (now GOMA) in the 1980s, and the exhibitions were so popular they had to be moved into their own chamber so that patrons could sit for long periods to take in their atmospheric presence.

Unlike traditional paintings and sculptures that occupy only a small area of the viewers vision, with most being limited only to the sense of sight, INFINITY’S immersive art employs multiple senses of touch, hearing, smell and movement and, of course, vision.

Traditional art is generally confined to the physical space it occupies, whereas INFINITY’S immersive art wholly engulfs and absorbs the viewer within the artform itself. The viewer becomes a part of the artform and interacts with it in meaningful, playful and personal ways.

This is truly experiential art, designed to provoke strong emotional reactions that deliver powerful sense of escapism into expanded dimensions of ones imagination. It is achieved through a creative synergy of a multitude of modern technologies and special engineering, which are amplified by the application of the science of psychology.

The juxtaposition and sequencing of such a diversity of immersive art magnifies the range of emotional reactions to create ever stronger responses to each following immersive artform. This inspirational art delivers a sense of wonder, curiosity and awe. Emotional reactions range from excitement to serenity, amazement to bewilderment, a delight in extraordinary beauty to uncertainty about the unknown, great fun to overwhelming curiosity and from laughter to surprise.

By taking INFINITYs unforgettable journey, the viewer enters a conduit into a spell-binding new art medium that extends far beyond current artistic horizons. It provides a vision of the future of modern art in the 21st century.

INFINITY is the ultimate Gold Coast attraction.

“Through a portal into a very cool art installation”
TripAdvisor Reviewed February 28, 2011 from beargirl 0069 Melbourne

This is the coolest thing to get immersed into. In a town full of stereotypes, this was something different and unexpected. My favourite room was early on, the electron room I think it was. When I first opened the door to it, it looked like there was no floor! It was the most beautiful thing Id seen, I loved it and wanted to stay for a while! The whole experience is mostly freaky or dark. The lighting design was very clever throughout, made to look incredibly complex. There were 3 of us together (with our 7 year old), but to be honest, I think to get the ultimate experience you need to do it one by one ? adults only, kids would freak out. As Ive seen on a lot of these reviews, its easy to get excited and rush, so SLOW DOWN and enjoy each space! Hence thinking next time to do it one by one, so you can be selfish and not worry about anything else but your own mind warping. Cant wait to go back one day I had weird dreams that night, hehe!! My favorite thing in town ?

Visited February 2011

Adult: $28.90
Child (4 -13 yrs) $19.90
Family (2A + 2C, 4-13yrs) $82.90
Student (with ID) $22.90
Seniors: $19.90
Child (3 Yrs & U) Free