Whether you’re a local, interstate or overseas visitor to the Gold Coast, one thing is for sure, you’ll want to visit a theme park as the region is known not just for its great beaches but also for its top-notch theme parks which include Wet ‘n’ Wild, MovieWorld, Seaworld, and the most popular, Dreamworld. A visit to any of the theme parks I just mentioned can easily set you back over $100 per person.

When you take into consideration the cost of your transport, food and drinks and the cost of theme park tickets on the Gold Coast, it all adds up. This is something that you should keep in mind when setting a budget for your holiday. But don’t let this discourage you in visiting our award-winning theme parks. In fact, this article is all about me giving you tips on where you can by theme park tickets on the Gold Coast!

Here are a few suggestions on where you can purchase your theme park tickets:

  • The most convenient way to buy theme park tickets on the Gold Coast is actually online. I recommend myfun.com or if you’re going to Dreamworld, you can buy your ticket here. These websites offer great value because they allow you to purchase what they call ultimate theme parks pass for $99 and this ticket gives you access to two to three different theme parks for the price of one.
  • You should also be able to buy theme park tickets from your hotel’s help desk. Most hotels on the Gold Coast offer theme park tickets and all you have to do is to ask at the help desk. Before you pay, see if they offer better deals than the websites I mentioned above to make sure there isn’t an opportunity to save money, it may mean an extra hot dog.
  • Look for deals on the back of shopper dockets. Different theme parks typically run promotions where you can get discounts if you buy from certain super markets. Next time you visit Coles or Woolies, be sure to turn over your docket and have a look at the promotions, you may just get a buy one get one free ticket.
  • Using tourism books that you’ll typically find at hotel foyers can also help you in buying theme park tickets on the Gold Coast. Snatch these up as you check in to your hotel and hunt through the pages on day one. You’ll find that you won’t only find great deals on Gold Coast theme park tickets but activities, attractions and restaurants as well!


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