While there are unlimited lists that suggest what to do on the Gold Coast, they basically all say the same thing; beach, theme parks, nightclubs etc, etc, etc. But what if you’re looking to add a little bit of uniqueness to your Gold Coast holiday? I know as a local, once the weekend comes around I often find myself Googling that very question What to do on the Gold Coast?

What annoys me is the results always turn up the same suggestions. Having lived here all my life, Ive done all the usual things to do on the Gold Coast, but with so much on offer, I want to make sure I experience everything amazing element of this beautiful region.

If you do too, then you’re in luck. With this article, I will tell you not only what to do on the Gold Coast, but also let you in on some of the not-so-well known things to do in this region to provide you with a truly memorable experience.

Catch A Crab At Birds Bay Oyster Farm ? If youre like me and loves seafood, youll enjoy this activity because youll be the one doing the catching! Simply join the cruise that perfectly combines loads of fun activities, fantastic seafood lunch, and stunning sceneries. Your guide will help you trap some crabs and catch some fish. Sounds like a great activity for travelling friends and family, right? The cruise departs from Birds Bay Oyster Farm, which offers a refreshing way to enjoy farm fresh oysters and crabs while being spoilt with spectacular scenery as your backdrop. Its definitely an experience you wont soon forget.

Visit Hinze Dam ? Hinze Dam was reopened to the public in 2011 following its redevelopment to increase its capacity. Tourists can visit this amazing mass of water and explore its new facilities including horse trails, lakeside parks, and impressive Interpretative Centre. Not only is this a sight to behold, I can vouch from personal experience that the Hinze Dam Cafe offers great food and the most affordable prices Ive ever seen on the Gold Coast! It’s certainly worth the trip.

Visit the ‘Best of All Lookout’ – While you’re in the vicinity of Hinze Dam, you must visit Best of All Lookout — the name itself gives this destination away. Come to Springbrook National Park and experience uninterrupted, breathtaking views of the region. The walk to the highest point is easy and is recommended to people of all ages. Youll make your way through ancient arctic tree forest and youll get to enjoy fresh air while youre being treated with the best views. On the cloudy day, watching the mist and cloud swirl through the valley below is truly breathtaking.

See a show at Jupiters Casino – Visit the Gold Coast’s only casino located in Broadbeach and enjoy fine dining at one of the many restaurants before being entertained by the show of your choice. After the show, try your luck in the gaming room! Your choices of entertainment include live music, live sports events broadcasted on the big screen, musical theatre, and dance. There are also comedy shows and concerts from the big name in the music industry. Meanwhile, the casino has four restaurants offering some of the Gold Coasts finest dining experiences.

Visit Infinity Gold Coast – Of course I would be reprimanded if I didnt throw a little shameless self-promotion into the mix! Visit us here at Infinity in Surfers Paradise and be treated to one of the best attractions in the region. Unlike others attractions that offer typical thrill rides and waterparks, we offer something that is out of the ordinary; something that I can guarantee you havent experienced before. At Infinity Gold Coast, youll get to experience an extraordinary journey that will take you to Infinity and beyond!

This is the place to go if youre looking for something unique to do on the Gold Coast because its the first of its kind in the world. Perfect for kids and adults, it offers a 30-minute journey filled with never-before-seen-illusions, emotion-enhancing sound effects, and unique special effects that will make you question your judgment. Being one of the highly rated Gold Coast attractions on TripAdvisor, you can be assured that its worth checking out whenever youre in the region.


What to do on the Gold Coast?this is typically the first question asked by tourists when planning their Gold Coast holiday. With this article, you can make planning your holiday a tad bit easier especially if youre looking to experience something unique. If you want to experience more than just Gold Coasts beaches and theme parks, visit Hinze Dam, Catch a crab, and visit Infinity Gold Coast. I can assure you that these will make your experience even more memorable. Got questions? Send your enquiries through our contact page as were more than happy to assist in making your Gold Coast holiday the best it can be!