You’ve decided to take a summer holiday in one of the best holiday destinations in Australia, the Gold Coast – where it’s all about the surf, sun and yes; theme parks. But what happens if the very week you visit, by some freak chance the weather turns sour and everything you had planned to do is now off the cards?

You might be at a loss as to what to do on the Gold Coast when it rains. You’ll be surprised that the region still has plenty to offer even if the skies are not all that clear. To help you enjoy the Gold Coast rain, hail or shine I’ve compared a list of suggestions for what to do on the Gold Coast in this situation!

My suggestions might even change your holiday itinerary even if the sun is shining outside!

  • Go Shopping: There are plenty of shopping centres around the Gold Coast, and some of them are even a short walking distance from the beach. If you were caught by a surprise by the rare spell of rain while enjoying the beach, just make a dash to the nearest shopping centre in the area; nothing beats retail therapy!
  • Watch a movie: Gold Coast shopping centres are all equipped with impressive movie theatres. Find out what’s showing, grab some popcorn and enjoy a cosy day inside. That rain will pass by faster than expected.
  • Experience Infinity Gold Coast: Who says all theme parks and attractions are outdoors? You’ll enjoy the futuristic indoor maze that Infinity Gold Coast offers so much so that you’ll be glad it rained!
  • See a live show at the Arts Centre: It’s raining? No problem. Get a bit of culture immersion by watching a live show at the Arts Centre, only a 10 minute drive from Surfers Paradise.
  • Pamper yourself at a Day Spa: Don’t stress about the rain, take it as time to rejuvenate yourself. Get your nails done, or have a relaxing massage at one of the Gold Coast’s state of the art day spas. Now, that’s a brilliant addition to your list of what to do on the Gold Coastwhen it rains.

Should you decide to explore Infinity Gold Coast with your kids or with your friends, be sure to do yourself a favour and book your tickets online so you can enjoy the discounts we offer to online bookings. Go to our homepage to find out more about our unique indoor attraction or call us at 07 5526 8935 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.