Are you considering a trip to Gold Coast, Australia? Most tourists want to know what past thought about a destination first before investing their time and money on any location. Below are things you can expect from the Gold Coast, Australia—both the good and the bad.

  • Impressive beaches: Although some of them can be a bit crowded (even the locals can’t get enough of the sun), the beaches lining the Gold Coast, Australia (all 57km on them!!) are bound to ‘wow’ you, and keep you coming back for more. A recent survey conducted by Tourism Research Australia (TRA), found that most tourists said that they’ll probably visit the Gold Coast again just for the beaches, and to be honest, it’s no surprise!
  • Safe environment: The Gold Coast is known as a family-friendly location because of how tight security is kept around its public areas, no matter how densely packed the place could be during peak travel seasons. The locals are also very friendly, and they welcome tourists with open arms.
  • Quality Shopping Centres, Cafes and Restaurants: While the Gold Coast is also home to the finest beaches and environmental reserves, it lets travellers enjoy the best of metropolitan living as well. Cafes, shopping centres, and restaurants are sprinkled close to hotels and condominiums, and amazingly, they’re also close to the beach.
  • Some expensive theme parks and attractions: While there are a great variety of things to do on the Gold Coast,if there was one thing the Gold Coast could improve on, it’s the hefty ticket prices for our attractions and theme parks. Thankfully though, there are cheaper options available and one of the best attractions in Surfers Paradise is right here at Infinity Gold Coast. Ticket prices start at $15.20 for children, while other theme park passes range from $80 to $100. Check out our complete ticket prices now!For more information please call 07 5526 8935 or contact us here for any questions.

So know you know what to expect from the Gold Coast, Australia but don’t just take my word for it. Want to know more?  Below are the findings from TRA in regards to the satisfaction levels of the best things about the Gold Coast! As you can see, the results were an overwhelming fairly to very satisfied satisfaction rating.