Are you looking for things to do on the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is very popular holiday destination that attracts tourists from all points of the globe because of its typical attractions, which include the beaches and the theme parks. Normally, when tourists visit here, they have a very clear idea on what they can expect to experience. A nice day under the sun, valuable family bonding time, and great dining experience are generally the standard things to do when visiting the Gold Coast.

However, if you’re the type of person who likes to be surprised and looks forward to experiencing new things, know that the Gold Coast also offers unique attractions that you simply shouldn’t miss! One of these is our Infinity Attraction.

Infinity is one of the most popular things to do on the Gold Coast, and especially if your staying in Surfers Paradise. Being the first of its kind not just in Australia but also in the world, you can expect to experience something new; something out of this world. Laugh and scream as you explore your way through the extraordinary series of around 20 multi-sensual environments, which let you, experience a “chemical free trip into other dimensions of the imagination”.

One guest summed up her experience as:
I’ve been twice now to infinity and I’ve always enjoyed it. So many parts to play around. It really makes you feel like a kid again and is fun for all ages. It’s a unique experience you have to have. Loved it.” – Amelia F on TripAdvisor

The 30-minute journey is something that people of all ages can appreciate. We highly recommended Infinity for family entertainment, groups and parties, and is a great team building activity.

Understand why Infinity should absolutely be on your list of things to do while on the Gold Coast by watching to following segment recorded by Channel 9’s “Getaway” program.

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