Whether it’s a seminar, conference or training course, the Gold Coast is an attractive venue for any corporate event. With its golden sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and almost perfect weather every day of the year, it makes sense that companies would want to host their events in our beautiful region.

The Gold Coast is also home to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, an amazing purpose built venue that hosts a variety of conventions, exhibitions and trade shows, meetings and seminars, sporting events, concerts, special events, banquets and gala dinners and Gold Coast Business Events every year. But can a corporate event be successful if there is no unity within the team? Introducing Infinity Gold Coast; the ideal venue for your team building activities.

Infinity Gold Coast, one of the most incredible and the most unique attractions in the region, has what it takes to offer each of your employees both a great time and an amazing experience. Specifically designed to ensure guests experience range of emotions that theyve never felt before, Infinity offers you with a whole new exciting adventure. Put on your brave face and enter each of our 20 multi-sensual futuristic worlds of wonder. One thing we can definitely promise you is that, here, youll find something for the first time in your life. This ?30 minute heart-stopping journey will take you to the out-of-this-world environments where youll get to experience never-before-seen illusions, emotion-enhancing sounds, mind-altering special effects ?and ultra groovy music.

Ranked # 6 out of 22 major attractions in Surfers Paradise on TripAdvisor, Infinity has been described by our previous guests as innovative and perfect 10 for individuals who seek enormous, unconventional fun. Its also described as the only attraction that will keep on you the edge and the only one that will doubt your judgment.

With everything that Infinity Gold Coast has to offer, I am sure youll agree with me when I say that its perfect for team building activities and is a great idea for a memorable conference opening icebreaker. Whether youre with your work colleagues for a weekend-long conference, attending seminars & training, or here with your teammates to attend a sporting event, Infinity Gold Coast can give each of your team members a breather or that much needed break from the busy day or maybe even stressful week. Infinity Gold Coast is also a great idea for rewarding your team for a job well done or if youre looking for a great end-of-year bonding experience.

By choosing Infinity for your team building activities, youll be able to demonstrate your organisations commitment to lateral thinking and breaking through boundaries. Youll also be able to successfully motivate your team while boosting their morale. For the ultimate team building experience, Infinity is a must, even the Gold Coast Titans agree!

Other Suggestions for Team Building Activities

Aside from visiting Infinity Gold Coast, there are other fantastic team building activities for you and your colleagues while youre in the region. As Gold Coast is home to some of the worlds most pristine beaches, you can also consider a mini Beach Olympics, which will promote team interaction and maximum participation. With the sand under your feet, each team will compete to get the prize. This will work by simply introducing series of games or even sports that may include beach volleyball, or even amazing race-themed games. Just be creative and I am sure that everybody will have a fantastic time.
Go Ride A Wave are a local Gold Coast business which offer great Beach Olympics programs and should be considered if you think this activity will be enjoyed by your team.

Another great idea for team building and team cooperation is paintball (aka Skirmish), where two or more teams compete to eliminate opponents by shooting them with capsules made from gelatin shell that contains water soluble dye inside. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors and is extremely fun, particularly when participated by a huge number of people. As this is a social activity, it gives your employees that much-needed getaway from working everyday while they recharge their batteries having a lot of fun in the process. This activity also promotes teamwork and strategy which, as you know, is great for your company.
There are several paintball venues on the Gold Coast for you to choose, for starters have a look at Skirmish H.Q. Gold Coast Paintball Games and Gold Coast Paintball.

My last suggestion, which may be best after a few drinks have been consumed, is to take your team to a karaoke bar for an old fashion sing-a-long! In Surfers Paradise, youll find Strike Bowling Surfers Paradise, a great establishment that offers bowling and karaoke in one place. Watch your employees as they let their hair down and have fun while singing on top of their lungs. After that, you can end the night with some dancing and checking out Surfers Paradise fabulous night scene.

When it comes to team building activities, nothing beats Infinity Gold Coast as it offers a mind-blowing experience and absolute fun that your entire team will enjoy. Committed to helping you in boosting your teams morale and helping them become more productive, we offer special discounts for this type of activity. You can save by simply buying your tickets online. Feel free to send your enquiries through our contact form or by calling us at 07 5526 8935 to arrange a team building activity at Infinity today.