Visiting the Gold Coast is a fun and engaging experience, because what youll find will blow your mind. There are amazing beaches, restaurants and clubs, but if youre one of the tourists looking for something a little different to do on your Gold Coast holiday, something that will leave a lasting impression on you, you will be impressed by the endless fun options. The Gold Coast has hundreds of activities and things to do ? 362 if you ask TripAdvisor, but how do you know what activity will fit the bill for you and your travelling companions? You could check TripAdvisor and see what others have rated as their favourite experience, or you can take the advice from a local that manages one of the most popular activities on the Gold Coast, me!

So here goes, my pick of totally out of this world activities on the Gold Coast that youll look back on with very fond memories.

Infinity Attraction – It would be crazy not to include our own attraction in this list, because after all, it is a totally unique and the first of its kind in the world. It is a fun activity for all ages visiting the Gold Coast. What to expect from Infinity? The simplest answer would be ? the ultimate fun! It is a 30 minute experience, filled with special effects, atmospheric sounds, and many mind blowing illusions.

It will be your journey to the maze-like world, the world you have never experienced before. Here is what one of the visitors, Himanshu Bayshore wrote about the attraction:

Gold Coast is such a touristy place that its easy to get numb to all the sales pitch you hear about so many places but Infinity is one such place that justifies all the praise that it gets. Its so DIFFERENT from anything we had seen, that it has to rank as our BEST 30 mins in our Gold Coast triptotally awesome ? specially if u have kids in 9-12 year range ? younger then that may find the darkness too spooky. Its located downtown, so reaching is easy ? they dont allow cameras (which though a pity but makes sense since its so dark inside anyway) but they have free lockers to keep ur camera and other stuff. When we went there was hardly anyone there and that added to our fun ? it was like having a private tour 🙂

Jetpack Flyboard Adventures – if you like water activities, this should be on your list of things to do. Seeking for adventure? This is exactly what you should try. The instructors and staff are all very friendly, patient and nice, and they will explain everything to you, which is why youll have the time of your life. This is one of the best adrenaline activities on the Gold Coast, and it will be really fun!

Gold Coast Skydive – if youve always wanted to jump from a plane, this is your chance to do so! With experienced and professional instructors on your side, it will be an awesome ride, and youll enjoy every single second of it! Moreover, you will get the spectacular view on the beautiful Gold Coast, and such a view only those who seek adrenaline adventures may get!

ABC Heli – another up in the air activity you will love is a helicopter ride. It is not something you can find everywhere and is unlike any other activity on the Gold Coast, so I am sure you will have the kind of holiday you have always dreamed about. The ABC Heli crew is super friendly and professional, and they will give you a spectacular sightseeing adventure!

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast – watching the land and all the beautiful surroundings from the balloon basket is certainly a true adventure! It is fun and enjoyable. Even if you are not too comfortable with heights, thanks to the experienced pilot, you will feel safe and secure, and it will be the picture-perfect experience!


These activities on the Gold Coast are different, they bring excitement, and they go beyond the usual. A sunny and warm day at the beach is fun, but if you are seeking a true adventure, an experience which is a bit crazy and full of adrenaline, now you know where to go and what to try. Every activity listed is fun, and special in its own way. With so many options available from spectacular illusions, water activities, and sightseeing your holiday will be extremely exciting and you will definitely have more than just a photo on Instagram!

If youd like to visit Infinity on your holiday, be sure to visit our website for discounts on your ticket prices. For a totally out of this world experience, visit Infinity on your next Gold Coast holiday!

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