If you’re heading to the Gold Coast and planning on visiting theme parks and attractions, know that there are ways that you can pick up some great theme park deals, and discounted attraction passes.

Visiting gold coast attractions can be very expensive, especially if you’re traveling with the family, which is why we offer the following tips to help you experience the best of the Gold Coast at the lowest prices possible:

  • Book early. Gold Coast theme parks have been known to award guests for booking early by giving discounted ticket prices. This helps them attract as many guests as possible in the coming weeks or months. So, if you’re going to the Gold Coast, start looking for discounted tickets weeks or months before to enjoy enormous savings.
  • Packaged deals. A lot of holiday booking companies are offering great theme park deals if you book your accommodation, airfare, or car rental with them. When you book your accommodation with your travel agent ask if there are any theme park passes included, you never know you may get lucky and have them thrown in to seal the deal.
  • Be on the lookout for promos. Every so often, theme parks offer amazing deals that coincide with significant dates or milestones. Some would offer lower prices during their anniversary or during special holidays to attract more visitors.

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