What kid doesnt love the school holidays? I can definitely remember the joy of not having to go to school every day. Instead, I would hang out with friends and family every day and often would be treated to some of the Gold Coasts best attractions.

Although times have changed, school holidays on the Gold Coast remain the same: fun, entertaining and engaging. Queensland Tourism recently came up with a list of things to do on the Gold Coast over the summer school holidays. To help you entertain your children these school holidays I thought it would be a good idea to review this list.

1. Explore the rainforest.

One of the best things about the Gold Coast is that it is not just about the beach?though I would not be surprised if you end up spending most of your time at the beach?but there are also mountains and rainforests too. Tamborine Rainforest, for example, is only a short drive from Surfers Paradise, and in my opinion, when looking for things to do on the Gold Coast, a trip here should be on your list. Located in Scenic Rim Area in North Tamborine, the rainforest has its own canopy suspended several metres above the rainforest, giving you excellent views and access of the area and the surrounding lands. It is a 45-minute walk with a viewing platform. You can enjoy bird watching, walking, and learning more about the rainforest.

2. Visit MovieWorld.

MovieWorld offers everyone, especially children, with a whole new way of experiencing movies from the Warner Brothers?they have been translated into crazy rides! It is almost like you are one of the characters you have just seen in the film. But that is not all. The children can also interact with them personally. The attraction also has another treat for you. Each year, till December 28, you can celebrate a white Christmas here also, so keep this in mind when looking for things to do on the Gold Coast over the summer school holidays. Aside from the rides and your kids meeting their favourite characters, they can walk on streets covered with snow, as well as see live shows including a spectacular light display.

3. Get some adventure.

Let your kids embrace their inner Indiana Jones by conquering more than 75 challenges within 2 hours in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The facility is called Adventure Parc, there are around 5 courses that they need to tackle. Although they are always free to quit at any time, you dont succeed unless theyve completed all of them. Dont worry, their safety is 100% guaranteed. All the safety equipment they need is already provided for. In the meantime, condition their mind walking on tight ropes, completing wire challenges, and crossing a lot of suspended bridges.

(Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Currumbin Queensland)

4. Join an active kids holiday program.

Most kids spend much of their school holidays on their PCs, mobile devices, or gaming consoles. However, its a whole lot better if theyre out enjoying themselves and being active. If you agree, then you should consider enrolling them in an active kids holiday program.

For every week of the school holidays, they can participate in a wide variety of activities such as walking in the outdoors, competing in beach Olympics and exploring through treasure hunts. Cooee Kids is a good choice for this. Its ideal for children between 7 and 11 years old, and runs early January, in Burleigh Heads National Park.

Im sure youll agree; keeping your kids entertained with active things to do on the Gold Coast beats being glued to the PlayStation or iPad any day.

5. Relive some legendary stories.

We all have stories that have been passed on from generation to generation, and we relive them but only through our imagination. Fortunately with the new presentation by RM Williams in the Australian Outback, your kids will be able to get to know them more intimately. Its a huge production complete with stunning costumes and stunts that can surely make the crowd go wild.

So there it is Queensland Tourisms list of things to do on the Gold Coast over the summer school holidays, but theres something missing in the list: Infinity.

Infinity is one of the craziest, most dynamic, and most interactive fun house in Surfers Paradise and the rest of Gold Coast. The combination of technology, laser lights, sounds and special effects makes it a truly multi-sensory experience as you pass through various exhibits and interactive galleries. Simply check out our photos and videos to get a glimpse of such experience.

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There are so many things to do on the Gold Coast to keep you and your kids entertained over the summer school holidays that you and your family are guaranteed to have lots of fun. Theres Queensland Tourisms great list plus Infinity. No doubt it will be a memorable time for everyone.? Visit our website for more information about Infinity.