It always pleases me to see Surfers Paradise tourism grow and such is the current situation with tourism in Surfers Paradise in spite of the strong competition it continuously faces from very popular Australian destinations such as Sydney & Melbourne.

Based on the data published from the Surfers Paradise Traders and Businesses website, the number of monthly visitors to Surfers Paradise jumped almost 13% year-on-year during the first two weeks of October 2014. Path Intelligence, meanwhile, indicated that more than 1.5 million people had visited Surfers Paradise.

With this increase visitation to Surfers Paradise, I thought now would be a great time to suggest some of the most popular things to do in Surfers Paradise to ensure visitors get to experience the very best Surfers Paradise has to offer

Enjoy Surfers Paradise beach

At the very top of your list of things to do in Surfers Paradise has to be a trip to the beach! Really, it is an insult if you visit Surfers Paradise without spending at least a couple of hours here. Surfers Paradise beach is considered to be one of the best in the world! The waters are deep blue, the shores are wide and long and most of all, the beach is public, secure, clean and safe. Lifeguards patrol the beach and warnings and other necessary signs are placed everywhere for your safety.

Surfers Paradise beach is also very accessible. Just walk toward the Main Street near Cavill Avenue and youll run into it. Moreover, there are hundreds of hotels literally only a few steps away from the Beach, along with restaurants, cafes, and a variety of for-hire facilities. Need to learn how to surf? Surfing lessons are incredibly abundant. Heck, there are so many things to do around Surfers Paradise Beach alone; you might not even have time to check out the rest of the destination!

Check out Infinity Attraction

With all bias aside, in terms of fun and wild things to do in Surfers Paradise, Id be remiss if I didnt mention Infinity Attraction; as it is certainly one of the best and unique attractions worldwide. Our attraction offers a one-of-a-kind mind-blowing experience. It is highly visual with amazing special effects and is also highly interactive, making it an even more memorable and amazing experience. For example, in the Star Chamber, you will find darkness that is lit up by thousands of twinkling lights as if you are floating right into space whilst the ethereal angels sound field caresses your ear. This attraction knows how to manipulate your mind with optical illusions.

Although most of our visitors are young adults and teens, our attraction is open for everyone, including families. In fact, children who are 3 years old and below can join the fun for free. So next time youre looking for something to do in Surfers Paradise the whole family can enjoy, consider visiting us. Were located in the heart of Surfers Paradise in the Chevron Renaissance Centre.

Take a Cruise along the river

Many of the things to do in Surfers Paradise revolve around the beach and that is perfectly understandable. Hey, we would not be called as such if it was not for the beach, right? But you can definitely do more than swim, fish and surf.

One of the best ways to experience and see Surfers Paradise is by taking a cruise. Enjoy a half day, or a full day cruise in luxury cruise boats for a day you wont soon forget. But for the most memorable experience, take a sunset cruise to see Surfers Paradise light up in all its glory.

Spend the night in some of the hottest bars.

You may have noticed while looking for things to do in Surfers Paradise that there are lots of bar and nightclubs. LOTS.

Its amazing how Surfers Paradise can seamlessly transform itself into a calm and laid-back precinct in the morning and then into a great party scene at night. You options are varied so youre sure to find a place to suit the vibe youre after. There are reggae clubs that play only reggae music while others cater to all types of sounds or a different genre depending on the night. Some bars are ideal for couples, singles and those of the LGBT. A number are modern; while others tend to follow a theme like an old Irish tavern. The party usually starts right after dusk but becomes more intense as the night wears on. Most establishments close around 3:00 a.m, so youll have plenty of time to relax, unwind or shake your tail feather.

Shop till you drop!

One of the most fun things to do in Surfers Paradise is to shop (well, if youre female that is!). Im not just talking about hitting the mall, but also visiting the beachfront markets that are set up Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays on the Surfers Paradise Esplanade. This really is something the entire family can enjoy. Buy souvenirs, get to know the locals, and relax. Market nights have become a festivity over the years and often provide live performances by the beach.

(Beachfront Markets, Surfers Paradise Esplanade)


The 12.42% increase in visitors to Surfers Paradise in October this year is certainly welcomed and just what our tourism industry needs. Its great to see more visitors recognising the beauty of Surfers Paradise and what it has to offer. When you need a getaway that is perfect for you and the entire family, this is the best place to go to. And if you are looking for things to do in Surfers Paradise, dont forget about Infinity Attraction! and while you’re there, don’t forget to take a pic and tag us on Instagram #infinityattraction #infinitygoldcoast!