Do you like social media? I know I do! I love Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Although not everyone shares my enthusiasm, I know that there are many that do. Its amazing how easy it is for us not only to share photos but also share experiences with family, friends and even to the rest of the world. This is especially true when were visiting our favourite places.

Surfers Paradise is a dream holiday destination for most Australians so its little wonder that whilst theyre here, they want to share their experience with the world. Surfers Paradise was just declared the Gold Coast’s 6th Theme Park! Now with the aid of social media networks like Instagram, you can now do this in an instant.

There are just so many things that you can do in Surfers Paradise, which I will share later in the article. In the meantime, let me say this. What prompted me to write this article were two recent articles I came across that highlight just how popular Surfers Paradise, and the Gold Coast is as a whole, are on the social media platform, especially in Instagram. Let me elaborate.

These two articles Im referring to, both list Surfers Paradise in their top 10 lists. One lists Surfers Paradise Beach as the fifth most tagged location in Australia, while the other listed Surfers Paradise Beach as the most tagged spot in Queensland.

In line with the campaign called visitsurfersparadise, the team then tracked down all posts with such hashtag (mind you, with hundreds of Australian-related pictures, thats not really an easy thing to do!) and came up with a great list.

Making it to the first spot is Sydney Opera House followed by Darling Harbour and Sydner Harbour Bridge. This isnt surprising since the capital has a lot of visitors, both local and foreign, ever year. The Bondi Beach occupies the fourth slot and is therefore the most popular beach in Australia. On the fifth spot, as mentioned, is none other than Surfers Paradise Beach! Isnt that amazing?

This only means two things: one, the campaign is certainly doing well and that the Gold Coast is experiencing a steady increase of visitors.

But why? Why are we getting all these achievements? Well, there are too many things to do in Surfers Paradise! To give you an idea, check out our list:

Surf or sunbath on the beach itself: Of course, the primary reason why people are here is because of the beach. But there are other amazing beaches around the country! Thats actually true. I think the charm of Surfers Paradise Beach and what sets it different from all the other beaches is its laid-back feel. When youre in here, you can really feel that youre on a holiday.

We dont have the best surfing beach in the world or even in Australia, but its already incredibly awesome for beginners and other riders. This explains why were also so attractive to the schoolies to learn about surfing. There are also plenty of surfing schools in here, and even if you dont have all the gear, thats perfectly okay as you can always hire one for a minimal fee.

I also love the fact that you have so many options for your accommodation and that a number of these are literally a few feet away from the beach. The beach is also great for everyone, including families with children, since we have sufficient lifeguards around and signs in case you have to be warned of something.

Most of all, its a party haven! If you love meeting new people, this is the place. Because we have a good weather all year round, you can always come in here and be friends with someone anytime. Or if youre looking for privacy, you can always go farther north or south of the beach.

Hunt for treasures at the Surfers Paradise beachfront markets: One of the things to do in Surfers Paradise, especially by the beach, is to hunt for bargains and other treasures during the beachfront markets. They happen three times a week: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. They usually begin at 4 in the afternoon and go all the way to 10 in the evening. You can check out a variety of products, many of them eccentric or unique that you surely want to take them home as souvenirs. While youre shopping, you can feel the gentle breeze of the night or the listen to the waves crashing to the shore. Theres also live entertainment and food to keep you going for the entire duration of the market.

Visit Cavill mall and the new Esplanade Foreshore precinct ?If you live in Australia, youll have heard of Cavill Mall, and will immediately associate it with Surfers Paradise. Here youll find numerous cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, branded shops and much more. More recently, the eastern end of Cavill Mall along the Esplanade has had a multimillion dollar upgrade which is in line with the new Hilton Hotel. Youll find an array of restaurants along the Esplanade, everything from fine dining to exotic cuisine from around the globe.

And when you really need to shop, the best place to go is the Paradise Centre, which is the biggest youll find in Surfers Paradise. Its near Cavill Mall and certainly just near the beach, which is only around 100 metres away. There are hundreds of specialty shops and boutiques for your every need, as well as dozens of restaurants and cafes. You can also play in Timezone, recently voted No.1 Family Entertainment Centre in the world, or get your groceries at Woolworths. Unlike other shopping centres, this one remains open until late in the evening.

Visit one of the many attractions: Surfers Paradise isnt only about food and shopping. No, its so much more. For fun in the sun visit one of the many attractions including Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! or Draculas Haunted House or our very own Infinity Attraction.For years now, Infinity Attraction continues to bring in tourists from around the globe. In fact, were one of the most reviewed things to do in Surfers Paradise! Its mainly because we offer something different. Where else can you find a very interesting, engaging, and exciting mix of sounds, lights, visual effects, and multisensory experience? Its an hours worth of a truly memorable experience. We also offer cheap tickets too, and we have special rates for families and groups. After all, its still best to experience these things with people close to you.

Have fun with the family: ?Along with attractions, there is also a wide range of things to do in Surfers Paradise that are family friendly including King Tutts Putt Putt, Timezone Surfers Paradise, 7D Cinema – Virtual Reality and Planet Chill Ice Skating Rink. For more information on these great family activities, please see my previous post School holiday activities to keep your kids entertained

When all else fails, EAT! As you may have noticed, beyond the beach, the mall, the shops, the attractions and the activities, one of the things to do in Surfers Paradise is to EAT!

Surfers Paradise is gaining recognition not only as the beach capital of Gold Coast but also a certified food hotspot. Thats completely understandable as we already have a growing number of restaurants, cafes, and hole in the walls in here, among others. To learn more about our evolving and growing food culture, read this article.

If youre wondering whats driving this eclectic mix of dining areas, you also need to check out whos coming to Surfers Paradise. Theyre from everywhere! Although many of them love to experience Aussie food, they also wish to eat their own cuisine once in a while. Most of all, they are after the best meal. I know that you will also agree with me if I say that food is part of a travelling experience. So when this is right, then everything else feels right.

Surfers Paradise is also lucky that weve been attracting some of the best local and international chefs, so the quality of food is always top notch. When you want to dine, you can visit our dining precinct, which stretches for around 3 kilometres! Yes, you can try a new dish or a restaurant for every day that youre in Surfers Paradise.

If you want a recommendation, I would suggest dining along the Esplanade at Elston for fine dining or right next door at The Beach House for a more laid back option.


Surfers Paradise deserves to be a trending topic in social media. With so much to offer its no surprise tourists are enjoying themselves and want to share this with friends, family and the world.

Meanwhile, if youre looking for things to do in Surfers Paradise, dont forget about Infinity Attraction! While you’re there, don’t forget to take a pic and tag us on Instagram #infinityattraction #infinitygoldcoast! Wed love to see your pictures and share them with our fans as well.