Surfers Paradise is the most visited destination on the Gold Coast primarily because it offers so much to tourists. You’ll find not just the world-famous beaches and stunning natural sceneries, but you’ll also find countless things to do including theme park attractions ideal for families, friends, and even kids parties.

If you’re looking at theme parks on the Gold Coast, but want to experience something that is out of the ordinary, there are several Surfers Paradise attractions that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the highly recommended is Infinity Attraction.

What is Infinity?

Infinity Attraction, which is the first of its kind in the world, is a colourful journey through spectacular, realistic mazes and immersive art. Here, tourists will get to experience extraordinary series of around 20 hi-tech environments that boasts never before seen special effects, mind-blowing music, and unbelievably optical illusions.

This attraction is highly recommended for family entertainment, for team-building activities, and for kid’s parties. Experience the Light Canyon, Electron Maze, Magic Zone, Cyclotron & Time Tunnel plus many more. You’re guaranteed to leave having had an amazing experience that you won’t soon forget.

Where is it located?

While most theme parks on the Gold Coast are not centrally located and end up costing a fortune in transport just to get to them, the beauty of Infinity is that it’s conveniently located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, in walking distance from your accommodation. We are located in the Chevron Renaissance Centre on the corner of Surfers Paradise Boulevard and Elkhorn Avenue.

So while you’re making a list of theme parks on the Gold Coast you want to visit, be sure to include Infinity. Your Surfers Paradise holiday won’t be complete till you experience Infinity Attraction.

Obtain more information about this amazing attraction in Surfers Paradise by visiting the Fun Zone and watching some of our commercials or by calling us on (07) 5526 8935. If you’re already on the Gold Coast, simply head to the address listed above and experience our great attraction which is like no other.