What an amazing year 2014 was for the Gold Coast! It really made me happy to see the continued flow of visitors come not only experience our attractions, but everything else we had to offer, including of course, Schoolies!

The Gold Coast has always been a proverbial choice for Schoolies, but we are also very much aware that Schoolies on the Gold Coast also gets intense competition from all other territories. After seeing a few media stories mentioning more teens would be spending Schoolies overseas rather than experiencing Schoolies Gold Coast, I was skeptical to see how that turnout for Schoolies 2014 would be. But like many years prior, the Schoolies came in droves.

With Schoolies Gold Coast now behind us for another year, I thought now would be a good time to look back on Schoolies Gold Coast 2014.

More than 25,000 teens had registered and partied on at Schoolies Gold Coast 2014. From all accounts, there was no need for parents to worry, as all affairs were organized very well with hundreds of police on duty to make sure everyone enjoyed their celebrations without going overboard. There were also thousands of volunteers on hand to help out. It just goes to show our community spirit right here?just awesome. The Red Frogs team also did another outstanding job for the event in walking Schoolies home, making breakfast for apartments and of course, handing out Red Frogs.

The following week, a new set of school leavers, most of whom were about 18 years old started their Schoolies Gold Coast experience. Now there is a common belief that since they are older, they can be left to their own devices. But here on the Gold Coast, we want to make sure that everyone is happy and safe, including those who are already close to getting past their teens.

To ensure that they have an awesome time during Schoolies Gold Coast, traders were prepared, and their efforts paid off. Visitor traffic went up by more than 9 percent all throughout Schoolies Gold Coast 2014. Perhaps one of the reasons is that they have learned to adapt to the trend and made their business more approachable and accessible for this different kind of market.

But what makes Gold Coast incredibly attractive to these leavers? Let us count the ways:

Surfers Paradise: Can you imagine the Gold Coast without Surfers Paradise? Let me tell you that I cant. This is the basic definition of the Gold Coast.

The beaches of Surfers Paradise are very enticing to Schoolies for a variety of reasons. Primarily it offers free entertainment! And given that these school leavers are mostly 17 years of age, many dont have jobs so anything free is going to be a major draw card.

The beaches here feature fine wide sand and crystal-blue waters. Most of all, there are so many activities to pursue here. A very popular activity here is definitely surfing. Although the breaks or waves are not the best in Australia, they still remain great and ideal especially for beginners. There are also plenty of schools here that can teach surfing in a matter of days, giving ample time for Schoolies to try their new skills.

At night, the beach comes more alive with night markets selling affordable souvenirs and other types of bargains with live entertainment to complete the relaxed vibe.

Accommodation: Schoolies will not have any problem looking for an accommodation on the Gold Coast, theres aplenty. They range from hotels to resorts and apartments, and since Schoolies usually travel by groups, they normally book the last two. These accommodation choices can be either catered or self-contained with basic amenities such as kitchen and a laundry and ironing area. Most of them are also found only a few metres away from the beach, the mall and other attractions within the Gold Coast.

Attractions: I have mentioned attractions and most of them are right here in Surfers Paradise; the heart of Schoolies Gold Coast. One of the best things about the attractions on offer is they are very dynamic and diversified. Whether you are looking for an adventure on the beach or in the city, you can get them here. You can even climb more than 250 metres above land and see everything on the Gold Coast.

Infinity Attraction again was a big hit with Schoolies Gold Coast 2014. Just look at our Schoolies 2014 photo gallery on Facebook. We offer an exhilarating, engaging, multi-sensory, and interactive experience at a price that any Schoolie can definitely afford. For example, if you buy the tickets online, you can get each one for only a little over $19.

Clubs and bars are also very popular among Schoolies too and for them, these are also attractions.? To guarantee they are safe for our visitors, our government has already identified Schoolies-only club.? ?


Our experience during Schoolies Gold Coast 2014 was so pleasant that we are already gearing up for Schoolies Gold Coast 2015. We cant wait to welcome the school leavers of 2015 to not only experience the magic of Infinity, but the Gold Coast as well. Just a word of advice: be sure to purchase your tickets for Infinity online, ahead of your visit!