When you think of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast the most immediate thing that comes to mind is the beautiful beaches, long stretches of soft sand and bright blue waters. But what if we told you that Surfers Paradise had much more to offer than a frolic in the ocean?

INFINITY offers an exciting, hilarious and highly interactive experience where visitors can immerse themselves in a universe of spectacular visual and spatial illusions.

With 20 multi-sensual environments filled with unique special effects, INFINITY is the perfect place to host parties of all shapes and sizes.

Kids love their birthday and the best thing about it (maybe along with the presents and cake) is getting to celebrate with all their friends, creating memories that last a lifetime.

There’s no doubt that planning and implementing a party for your kids can require a lot of effort, with the added worry of keeping everyone entertained. INFINITY takes the pressure off, with experiences that are sure to excite and amaze. With convenient dining options in the Chevron Renaissance centre or other local restaurants, INFINITY is not only the best choice but makes the journey to giving your child the best birthday a little easier! Infinity is perfect for ages 8 and over and will create a birthday experience they’ll never forget!

Another great aspect of the INFINITY experience is the chance to engage in a fun-filled challenge, making it an ideal location for work parties, corporate team building and conferences. The unique environment expands the imagination, leading to a more creative approach to problem-solving and out of the box thinking.

So what are you waiting for? Contact INFINITY today to start planning your next visit.