Queensland theme parks are some of the best not just in Australia but in the entire world. Our theme parks are contributing factors as to why Queensland attracts thousands of visitors every year. Some of most visited include Australia Zoo, Dreamworld, SeaWorld, Whitewater World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Warner Bros. Movie World.

However, if there is one attraction that you shouldn’t overlook when researching must see Queensland theme parks, it would be Infinity Attraction, located in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast – Queensland premier tourist destination.

Being the first of its kind in the world, Infinity Attraction is a unique experience like no other. Infinity offers around 20 interactive scenarios each pieced together to create a maze full of exciting sound effects, mind-blowing optical illusions and mood-enhancing lights that are guaranteed to stimulate your mind and all your senses. This unique attraction offers hilarious and interactive experience that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact. The 40-minute journey is highly appreciated by people of all ages.

Another reason why Infinity should be on your list of must see Queensland theme parks is Infinity’s own attraction; immersive art. This allows you to step inside the electronic canvas of the future to experience immersive art and get a totally new form of artistic expression. This is a great experience that shouldn’t be missed. (Find out more at Immersive Art)

Another good thing about Infinity is that it is an affordable theme park designed for the whole family. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to experience great family entertainment. Ticket prices start at $22.40 for adults online. That is just a fraction of what you have to pay to other theme parks in the area.

We hope you’ve now added Infinity Attraction to your list of must see Queensland theme parks. To obtain more information about our exciting Surfers Paradise attraction and understand why it is highly recommended by tourists by checking us on TripAdvisor.