If you really want to know the best and most bang-for-the-buck Surfers Paradise attraction, you need to ask a local. Most of them will point you directly to Infinity Surfers Paradise which is located at the Chevron Renaissance Tower along Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Our one of a kind attraction is much like a massive art installation with environments built to depict future environments – and when you walk into art; futuristic art at that, what can you expect? Why, a lot of fun, of course!

In terms of ticket prices, Infinity Surfers Paradiseis also one of the cheapest attractions on the Gold Coast. So, while some of these theme parks are offering day passes which cost roughly around $70 to $120 a person, here at Infinity Surfers Paradise, ourtickets start at just $15.20 per child if you order online. We also have special offers if you’re purchasing for more than eight people, or if you’re planning an event (such as a kids party or youth group activity) and using us as a venue.

Infinity Surfers Paradise offers environments such as the Electron Maze, the Magic Zone, the Star Chamber and the Eclipse. If you want a preview of what we have to offer, you may visit the homepage of this website. However, to really appreciate their futuristic environments, you have to immersed in them.

Infinity Surfers Paradise is open 7 days from 10 AM to 10 PM and is loved by both adults and kids, but is perfect for anyone over eight years old.  Should you decide to explore Infinity yourself, I recommended you book tickets online for a 10% discount. Call us at 07 5526 8935 for enquiries and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Google+ for all the latest deals!