It’s pretty difficult to look for a means to entertain the kids during the holiday season, or at least it used to be hard until Infinity Gold Coast opened its doors to Gold Coast tourists.

Infinity Gold Coast offers an entirely different theme park experience with its spectacular futuristic mazes and environments. We’re not just talking about light shows and mirror tricks here. What we have at Infinity Gold Coast to offer is a multi-sensory treat. Imagine seeing a galaxy and experiencing this spectacle with groovy music too. You won’t just be looking at lights from the rooftop either. You will feel like you’re surrounded and immersed in the stars.

The Infinity attraction also has an Electron Maze, which as the name suggests, is inspired by electron structures. It’s an eye feast that’s sure to tickle you and your kids. They also have a Magic Zone, and Wobbly areas which will make you question the principles of physics you’ve known all your life. To say that Infinity is mind-blowing is probably an understatement.

If you’re travelling with kids, you can get the really little ones in free of charge (3 years old and younger). Infinity is recommended for kids eight years old and above, though, and adults who have a strong sense of adventure. Save money booking your tickets online – rates start at just $15.20, depending on your age bracket. We offer special rates, though, for groups and parties. Infinity Gold Coast is also a great venue to hold kids parties too. With a minimum of only 8 guests, you’re guaranteed 40 minutes of unbelievable fun!

For the complete pricelist, and the details and photos of our worlds, please visit our homepage. Infinity Gold Coast is located at the Chevron Renaissance Centre along Surfers Paradise Boulevard. For tickets, please pre purchase from our Tickets for a great discount. You may also like to send us an email should you have any questions.