Are you looking for an out-of-this-world experience on your Gold Coast holiday?
Are you tired of the typical, so-ordinary theme parks that offer nothing new?
Then including a visit to Infinity is a must for your Gold Coast holiday.

Infinity is a mind-blowing special effects fun house that is aptly described as “a chemical free trip into other dimensions of the imagination.” The multi-sensual tunnels and mazes feature jaw-dropping optical illusions, amazing sounds, and never-before-seen special effects. The moment you step into these environments, you’ll be treated with emotion-enhancing sound fields that will intensify all your senses. Infinity was effectively designed in a way that it will enhance your emotive and psychological responses to the unknown, beauty, and curiosity. It’s really spell-binding.

Infinity, which is ranked in the top 6 Surfers Paradise attractions, (the beach being one of them) is highly recommended for family entertainment when on Gold Coast holidays. It is also great for colleagues who are looking for an extraordinary team building activity.  Being the only attraction of its kind in Australia, you can be assured that the 30-minute journey is nothing else you’ve experienced.

Infinity is conveniently located on the lower floor of Chevron Renaissance Centre making it the closest attraction for those people who also want to experience Gold Coast’s finest beaches. It is the latest craze that most tourists can’t get enough of.

If you’re ready to intensify your senses during your Gold Coast holiday, then wait no more. Simply visit us to experience Infinity and beyond, we guarantee it will be a highlight of your holiday.

Check out the following commercial to get an idea on what awaits you.

Also, read comments from our guests who can’t wait to get back and enjoy Infinity experience all over again.