The Gold Coast has so much to offer. There are so many wonderful beaches, restaurants, cafes, and places to visit. When it comes to unique and exhilarating Gold Coast attractions you have a wide range of options, and many wonderful things to see and experience. Every day you can check out something new and interesting, with your family or friends. One of the best decisions-you can make is by visiting us at Infinity Attraction. I’m proud to announce that Infinity has just been listed as the 2nd most popular attraction on and regularly stays in the Top 5 Things to Do on the Gold Coast.

As the manager of Infinity, I am proud-to be the part of such a exciting-and unique attraction, which is among the most popular Gold Coast attractions for many reasons. Let me explain:

Its enjoyed by all ages
It is the perfect choice, because it is fun for all ages (over 8yrs). You can come with your family, friends or neighbors and you will have the most amazing time. When it comes to entertainment, there are certain attractions which are ideal for teenagers, others are super fun for young adults, but Infinity Attraction is different. No matter how old you are, you will certainly have an amazing time. Many families who have visited our attraction come back a second and third time, and Im sure you will do the same.

Since Infinity can be enjoyed by the entire family, take your kids (over 8 years old) and step into the futuristic world full of fun. If you have planned to hang out with your friends over the weekend or to go out on a date -choose to experience one of the Gold Coasts best attractions and do something different.. You will have a blast!

Its easy to access
Infinity Attraction is centrally located in the heart of Surfers Paradise at Chevron Renaissance Centre. This means it is easy walking distance from most-hotels and-apartments. The fact that Infinity is easy to access makes the entire experience even more enjoyable. If you don’t have plans for the weekend, call your friends or surprise your family – come and visit Infinity Attraction! You will have so much fun and you will not have to worry about any transport issues in finding us.

Tickets are affordable
Often when reading about certain Gold Coast attractions, no matter how badly you want to visit them, you give up on the idea because the price is simply too high for you. At Infinity -our ticket prices are affordable and suitable for any budget. Theme parks can be upwards of $75 for one person, and hundreds of dollars for a family, which is too expensive for many. AtInfinity, you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices. For example, a child admission is $16.10, and for the family of 4 is just $65.60 (when booked online). As you may notice our prices are more than reasonable for such a unique and world first -entertainment experience. Having one of the best adventures does not have to cost you hundreds of dollars. If you purchase your tickets online you will also receive a discount. It is that simple.

Its an unforgettable 30 minute experience
Infinity is anything but ordinary attraction. It is more than just an attraction, it is a journey which includes 20 multi-sensual environments and every single one is filled with special effects, atmospheric sound fields, super cool music and illusions which are simply spectacular. Its a futuristic world, the kind of world you have never seen before. You cant describe it- you just have to experience it.

Infinity is the walk-through adventure. You will explore each and every environment in order to find the way to the next world. From the moment your journey starts you will challenge all your senses and you will also flare up your imagination.

No doubt you’ll have heard many people talking about Infinity and the super cool experience they have had. In order to fully understand what Infinity means and how amazing the adventure actually is, why not stop by on your next visit and check us out. Once you do, you will be impressed and you will be wanting more.

Perfect for groups and parties
Infinity is also an excellent option for groups and parties for one simple reason – nothing can beat it. It is perfect for kids parties (again, best suited for kids over 8), because the entire experience is-great-fun. It is also an amazing adventure for Schoolies. In case your business involves working with delegates from out of town or overseas, bring them to Infinity, because after a very long and busy day all of you need is something to awaken the senses! Your guests will love it! If you want to motivate your staff and work on corporate team building, Infinity is also the perfect choice. Reward your team and watch them enjoy every single second. Planning a work party- You will have a lot of fun with your colleagues, that’s for sure! There are many social clubs out there seeking new adventures and activities and Infinity is offering something entirely different. Infinity welcomes youth groups as well. It is super cool and some say- magical.

Past customers are more than impressed! When the adventure is over, you will want to relive it over and over again because-the-attraction is so unique and that special wow effect, you simply cannot get -anywhere else. This is what some of our satisfied customers had to say:

WOW! Words cannot adequately describe the INFINITY experience. Infinity was without a doubt the most spectacular and memorable experience of our Gold Coast holiday. Totally amazing. Nothing at the theme parks comes close in comparison. Cant wait to come back again. – Cheers, Rod & Gaelyne, Adelaide

Had a great time – To be honest I always thought this place was for kids. Put off going here for years until someone twisted my arm into going. I’m glad they did because I had such a great time and would certainly go back for round two! – Tools of Travel UK

We had amazing time going through infinity especially after a drink. The lights are so effective you really feel as if you’re in another universe. Its not scary there are not things or people jumping out at you so all your doing is laughing and having a good time. I have been here twice now and I would do it again!! Great for kids and adults! – Ruby 807

These are just some of the recommendations provided by people on TripAdvisor who visited -Infinity Attraction. As you can see, all those testimonials have one thing in common – everyone had an amazing time and so will you!


With all these incredible reasons listed, it is no wonder why the Infinity is considered as the 2nd most popular Gold Coast Attraction. It is suitable for all ages (over 8), and it is the perfect option for having a blast with family, friends or work colleagues. It is centrally located with 2 hours free parking or 2 minutes walk from the Cavill tram stop.

One of the best things about Infinity is that it is cost effective and wont break your budget. Our prices are suitable for any budget, and if you are planning to go with your family, it will cost you only $65.60 when booked online and that is simply awesome!

The attraction itself will take you on a special journey which generally lasts for 30 minutes. Some say its the best 30 minutes entertainment on the Gold Coast. A futuristic world full of surprises is waiting for you to explore it!

Those who had the Infinity experience are more than impressed because our attraction will make you want to dance, scream and have a lot of laughs! Also, Infinity is a super interesting option for groups and parties, and it is ideal for kids, Schoolies, conferences, corporate team building, social clubs, youth groups and work parties. Discounts and special offers are available for groups and parties and when purchasing the tickets online.

Its not unusual for guests to come back time and time again and you will want to do the same. No doubt Infinity will become your favorite place among Gold Coast Attractions as well!

Next time when you’re at Surfers Paradise, don’t forget to visit the most popular Gold Coast attraction, Infinity. It simply must be on the top of your to visit list. If you have any questions, send an email, or give us a call. Book your tickets online on our website.