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School Holiday Activities on the Gold Coast

This educational activity for school kids at INFINITY Attraction is ideal. It lends as a fun, yet educational school excursion for Gold Coast students.

INFINITY Attraction is a unique synthesis of technology and art. Gold Coast school students will enjoy a fun and hilarious, interactive learning experience. This unique activity for school students invokes a powerful sense of discovery as they explore a diversity of psychological responses to unique special effects inside immersive art environments. It’s an amazing edu-tainment experience – a world-first, multi-million dollar, 21st-century journey into the far reaches of the imagination. It will ignite the senses and explore the creativity of students and teachers alike!

Infinity’s Educational Packages are suitable for school students from 8 years old and can provide education & learning programs in the following subject areas:

  • Science, Technology & Industrial Design Studies
  • Visual & Creative Arts
  • Business, Management & HR Studies
  • Tourism, Hospitality & Retail Operations
  • Film Television & New Media
  • Psychology & Physiology

To find out more about this unique school excursion experience, download the booking form for more information. Complete and return the SCHOOL BOOKING FORM to secure this fun educational activity for your students.

For more information, call Sales & Marketing during business hours on (617) 5592 3041 or email info@infinitygc.com.au.

Let Your Kids Experience What Others Can’t Describe In Words

If you are looking for school holiday activities in Gold Coast that explode the creativity in students and ignite the powerful sense of discovery, then INFINITY is the right place.

We have witnessed almost every guest at INFINITY returning from the 30 minutes fun journey, laughing and raving about how they reacted to the different sensory stimuli.

Students will explore the nature of light inside the immersive art environments. It creates an innovative experience and encourages students to think creatively and rationally about physics related issues.

Fill and submit your booking form immediately to secure a booking.