Making a list of Gold Coast things to do? Then, this one is for you!

The Gold Coast is one of the most family-friendly holiday destinations in Australia. It boasts a variety exciting attractions that kids love. There are pristine beaches, which the Gold Coast is known for, enchanting parks, countless activity centres, and of course a number of world-class theme parks.

One of most unique things to do on the Gold Coast with the family is to experience Infinity in Surfers Paradise. Created with ultimate family entertainment in mind, the 20 multi-sensual environments are guaranteed to make your kids laugh and scream as they try to make their way through these mazes. It offers interactive experience and will take your children to an out-of-this-world experience. This helps them think out of the box and see simple things from different perspective. Visit Infinity with your kids and you can be sure that they’ll talk about this great experience for many months to come.

Infinity is also recommended for social and youth groups who are looking exciting Gold Coast things to do. In fact, this is best experienced with a group of people. Laugh at each other’s antics as you go through different mazes that boast unbelievable optical illusions and groovy music.

Some of our past guests have truly enjoyed this. Darren Molloy from Sunshine Coast said: “I took my family of five children to Infinity and had a great time. It tested the children’s’ imagination as well as my own at times. The younger ones could not decipher reality from illusion as they held on to me at times for dear life! The effects were the best I’ve seen.”

So, if you’re thinking about the best Gold Coast things to do, make sure to put Infinity on top of the list. Your children will surely have the best time of their lives. Buy your tickets online and enjoy amazing savings.