Hi there! Let me begin by asking this simple question: which Gold Coast theme park would you most like to visit? To help you answer that question, let me rephrase it a bit: are you a thrill seeker, animal lover, water baby or all about lights, camera, action?

I know it can be hard to pick just one when there are so many awesome Gold Coast theme parks to choose from and limited time to experience them all. The good news is there is help out there that lets you have a little fun while youre at it. Queensland.com has just launched a fun new quiz which will tell you the Gold Coast theme park best suited for you, they call the Quiz: Which Gold Coast theme park is for you?

Time is precious and theme parks a costly, so youll want to be sure you choose to go to the one you and family will all enjoy. I highly recommend you click the link above and see what Gold Coast theme park is best suited for you. I got Dreamworld, which is no surprise with my love of thrill rides.

If there is one thing thats for sure, the Gold Coast is synonymous for fun and being the theme park capital of Australia, it is little wonder why. However, for you to truly understand that, you need to experience them yourself.

Lets look at your choices.

With so many theme parks all in the one place, it is important you make the most of your stay and choose the one best suited for you. Although nothing still beats experience, let me introduce you to some of the best just to give some head start, all right? Here we go:

Sea World

You cant say youve truly experience the Gold Coast if you havent explored the sea! If you are a typical beach bum, then you will certainly find the beaches of Surfers Paradise to be incredibly appealing. But if you have kids and other family members in tow, the best place will definitely be Sea World.

One of the most popular Gold Coast theme parks, Sea World is basically like bringing the beauty of the underwater world right on the surface. Spend a full day seeing dolphins or interacting with the penguins or even the polar bears. Get an up-close encounter with the mighty sharks in a large aquarium or enjoy the rides such in Sea World Resort Water Park.? ?

Wet n Wild

There are many ways to enjoy a swimming pool on a hot summers day, but the best way in my opinion is to head to Wet n Wild. This Gold Coast theme park allows you to enjoy summertime all year round! Tag along your kids for a full day or two trying out the thrill rides such as the Tornado or the AquaLoop. Learn the ride the waves in a giant wave pool or glide on a tube in the Calypso Beach. When you want some privacy or a place to rest and relax, hire a cabana, which can already be included in your Wave Pool or Calypso Beach pass.


Out of all the Gold Coast theme parks, this by far is the largest, and dare I say most popular. It is also one of the oldest! Thats why it has become mandatory for tourists to make sure they never miss Dreamworld.

What makes it the biggest? Well, lets see, there are more than 35 unique rides across many sub-theme parks. In fac, there are around 5 roller coasters! There are also special exhibits, animal shows and attractions such as Big Brother and Screamworld. You can also get a pass that already includes Skypoint, where you can climb up to 270 metres from the ground and get a 360-degree view of Gold Coast.

Movie World

If youre wondering about the name, its because this theme park pays tribute to some of the best and popular movies of Warner Brothers such as Justice League, Green Lantern, Superman, Scooby-Doo and Rio. Come down on Main Street for a meet and greet of some of the coolest characters in history such as Bugs Bunny. For a more dynamic and interactive day for the kids, dont forget to let them try out in the Junior Driving School.


While all Gold Coast theme parks offer something unique and different, you’re sure to have a great time no matter which one you visit. However if youre looking to experience all the fun of a Gold Coast theme park at a fraction of the cost, then come and visit us here at Infinity.

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Best of all our tickets are just $16.20 if you purchase online!

Gold Coast theme parks are beyond amazing, but we like to think we are too! Im even pretty confident youll forget about the quiz and visit all of them, including us!