The Gold Coast has an amazing offer when it comes to attractions. When visiting, going to the beach is fun, but since there are many other things to do, it would be good to check them out. There are so many attractions and theme parks, and sometimes, it can be really hard to choose where to go and visit. Often, ticket prices play a significant role, and can have a huge impact on your final choice.

In this article, I will compare the ticket prices for the main Gold Coast theme parks, and you will have a better picture when it comes to costs.

Dreamworld theme park
Dreamworld is the largest Gold Coast theme park, which is located in Coomera, Queensland ? it is actually the largest theme park in Australia if their billboards are anything to go by. There are all kinds of attractions on offer, such as roller coasters, wildlife experiences, Dreamworlds cinema, The Dreamworld Express, Tiger Islands and others.

When it comes to the price, a 1 day ticket to Dreamworld is $74.99. There is also an option where you can get passes that offer better value (access to also WhiteWater World and SkyPoint Observation Deck), and prices start at $84.99. There is also special offers throughout the year to buy combo passes which are valid for up to a year. Sites like Scoopon and Living Social regularly have special offers.

WhiteWater World theme park
Another Gold Coast theme park is WhiteWater World. As the name suggest, WhiteWater World is a water park and it is also co-located with Dreamworld. There are various activities available for kids and adults and different rides are broken down into the following categories; thrill, family and kids. There are also coffee shops, places to dine and shop.

A WhiteWater World 1 Day Ticket will set you back $39.99. The same pass is available as Dreamworld which will then also give you access to Dreamworld and SkyPoint Observation Deck for $84.99.

Movie World theme park
For those who are movie fans, MovieWorld would be the Gold Coast theme park for you. Located in Oxenford, this park is the only movie park in Australia. Like the other theme parks, there are different rides and attractions available, such as thrill rides, kids fun and family entertainment.

The Movie World 1 day ticket will cost you $79.00. There are also options to get a VIP Magic Pass, or to book tickets for a group.

Sea World theme park
This Gold Coast theme park is not only a park; it is also a marine mammal park, and Oceanarium! If you are an animal lover like myself, there are many things youll enjoy about Sea World. Located more centrally at Main Beach, Sea World offers various shows, rides, and adventures which audiences of all ages can enjoy.

A Sea World 1 day ticket price is $79.00, but there are also annual passes, and a VIP Magic Pass. There is an option to book the tickets for the group.

WetnWild theme park
Another water park, WetnWild located in Oxenford is among the most visited theme parks on the Gold Coast. There are different water based rides and activities available for kids and families. You can even hire a cabana.

A WetnWild 1 day ticket price is $64.00. You can book tickets for the group, or get the VIP Magic Pass.

Infinity Attraction
To spend a day with your family at one of the most popular theme parks on the Gold Coast could set you back hundreds of dollars, thats for sure. On the other hand, there are certain attractions which offer so much, at affordable prices. One such attraction is right here at Infinity Attraction. We are located in the heart of the Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise therefore were much easier to access than the other major attractions. Whats more, our futuristic experience is unforgettable, intriguing and super fun. People are always amazed by the concept of the attraction, illusions, and all kinds of visual and sound effects.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the ticket prices. The ticket price for an adult is $26.90 ($24.20 if you buy online), for a child $17.90 ($16.10 if you buy online), for a family, which includes 2 adults and 2 children(4-13years), it is $72.90 ($65.60 if you buy online), for a student $21.90 ($19.70 if you buy online), for seniors $19.90 ($17.90 if you buy online).

Infinity is also very popular for groups and parties, in which case there are special packages and discounts. There will be a lot of laughter since it is a super fun experience, but it is also a very affordable one!


If you have plans to visit one of the Gold Coast theme parks, now you have a bigger picture when it comes to prices. In order to spend a day at one of the parks, you will need several hundred dollars, which is not a small sum to pay. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fun adventure, which is like no other, and an attraction that is affordable, then you should definitely come visit us at Infinity Attraction. Were one of the most popular attractions on the Gold Coast and suitable for ages over 8.

If you can see the value in our attraction and are more comfortable paying $65.60 for a family as opposed to $350+, then jump on our website and buy your family pass online.