If you’re visiting the Gold Coast, Australia only for a few days, you might want to know the most popular Gold Coast activities. This way, even if you’re in the area just for a short while, you can rest easy that you’ve ticked off all the most attractive must-dos on everyone’s Gold Coast activities list.

According to the most recent study by Tourism Research Australia (TRA), the most popular of Gold Coast activities remains to be going to the beach. This is not surprising since there are plenty of nice beaches in the area and the Gold Coast is almost always sunny. Eating out and going shopping are the next most popular activities. The Gold Coast is also home to the best shopping enclaves and restaurants in this part of the world.

Not surprisingly, most tourists also love sightseeing and visiting local theme parks. This is the most family-friendly among popular Gold Coast activities. While most theme parks in the area coast quite a lot of money (most tickets are around the $100 mark), you and your family can still enjoy impressive attractions without spending too much. Here at Infinity Gold Coast, found along Surfers Paradise Boulevard at the Chevron Renaissance Tower, be ‘wowed’ by the special effects we use on this futuristic maze. Best of all, our online ticket prices start at only $15.20 for kids, and you can get an even bigger discount if you purchase in bulk. Infinity Gold Coast is a great venue, as well, for corporate team building sessions. For more information, and for the complete list of ticket prices, please go to http://www.infinitygc.com.au or call us at 07 5526 8935. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.