Attending high school can be both an exciting and exhausting experience. It is where you’re most likely to form life-long friendships, where you’ll probably meet your first love, and where you’ll come into the person you’ll be for the rest of your life.

However, it can also be exhausting and challenging at times especially when you have several projects due at once, and have to sacrifice time with friends and time spent on things you enjoy to achieve the results. That is why, finishing high school is extremely rewarding and there is no better way to celebrate this milestone than to celebrate it at Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast.

Schoolies Week is the one week in your life where you and your classmates can go on a holiday and take advantage of Gold Coast activities that are specifically designed for the graduating class, better known as ‘schoolies’.

If you’re graduating this November and plan on letting your hair down at the greatest party of your life, then the Gold Coast is the place to be. There are so many Gold Coast activities on offer that you’ll never run out of things to do while you’re here. One of the best activities for schoolies is Infinity Gold Coast. If you want to experience something new or see something you’ve never seen before, Infinity Attraction is the perfect destination. As you go through 20 different, multi-sensual environments, experience trippy special effects that will confuse you between what is real and what is not.

But of course, as the General Manager of Infinity Gold Coast, I may be biased in suggesting only my own attraction, so let me suggest a few other awesome Gold Coast activities that you shouldn’t miss out when you visit this November.

Putt Putt Golf (Mermaid Beach)

When it comes to a fun Gold Coast activity loved by all, especially Schoolies, Putt Putt Golf has to be on the list. It features three themed 18 Hole courses, Putt Putt offers you the choice of playing Waterways Cove, Jungle Trail, and Fun Run. Here, you’ll conquer motorised obstacles and encounter exotic animals as you play the game of mini golf. You’ll also get the chance to see wildlife creatures including lions and very friendly elephants. If you’re looking for exciting fun for you group, be sure to include Putt Putt on your activity list!

Timezone Surfers Paradise

As a Schoolie, Timezone Surfers Paradise is something you simply cannot afford to miss especially if you’re looking for some serious fun and action. Being the largest Timezone in the world, you can be assured it will offer everything you’re looking for!

SkyPoint Climb

Looking for the activity that will make you feel on top of the world? Take advantage of Skypoint Climb on top of Q1 Resort & Spa; the region’s most iconic and tallest residential tower.  At Skypoint Climb, you’ll step into the open air to witness the stunning 360 degree views of the entire Gold Coast.  For a Gold Coast activity that will leave you with memories long after your Schoolies Week ends, then add Skypoint Climb to your list.

Slingshot Gold Coast

Slingshot Gold Coast is an extreme thrill ride from Funtime that is very popular with Schoolies. It’s a vertical amusement ride that propel passengers over 100 metres at 160kms per hour. Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise it’s certainly for the dare-devils, just make sure you have an empty stomach before you go!

This November, as you prepare for Schoolies Week, make sure that you have compiled your list of Gold Coast activities to ensure you make the most of your week! After all, you only live it once. Don’t forget to include Infinity Gold Coast, I guarantee it’s the best trip you’ll have sober!