Travelling with your friends can be fun, but also challenging. Trying to come up with fun things to do with friends is easy until you consider just how much fun each member of your group will be having. After all, you and your friends can have completely different interests.

Let’s hope our list of fun things to do with friends on the Gold Coast can at least help you create a pretty brilliant travel itinerary.

  • Go Kart Racing: This activity is probably for the thrill seeking groups of friends. It’s more realistic than racing at the computer, and definitely more fun than bumper cars.
  • BBQ at the Beach: Among all the fun things to do with friends, this is probably the safest. After all, who doesn’t like going to the beach and having a fun barbecue party? You might need to choose a less crowded beach for this activity, though as this is a very popular activity given the beauty of our beaches.
  • Watch bands perform live: Choose your favourite band, if you and your friends like the same music, and watch them perform live! You can also choose to experiment and see how you’d like classical music even if you’re mostly into jazz or rock.
  • Try a new restaurant: If you’ve never tried a restaurant before, the best way to experience it is with friends. The Gold Coast happens to be home to some of the world’s best restaurants so this is a great item to include in your bucket list.
  • Visit Infinity Gold Coast: Infinity Gold Coast is actually one of the most unique attractions in Australia and our ticket prices start at only $15.20. This is a must-see for any Gold Coast traveller. Even the locals can’t get enough of our mind blowing attraction!

Should you decide to explore Infinity with your friends, be sure to jump on your smart phone and book your tickets online! This will give you great discounts and avoid long lines at the venue itself.

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