You don’t need to have a lot of money to enjoy the best of Surfers Paradise attractions. In fact, the locals will tell you that the best highlights of the area are actually free! It’s just a matter of being in the Surfers Paradise at the right time.

  • The Beach: There has to be an exclamation point for this attraction because Surfers Paradise has some of the world’s most celebrated beaches. Among all Surfers Paradise attractions, this one attracts the most number of tourists.
  • Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets: You’ll find this every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights. This is the biggest night market in the Gold Coast, selling jewellery, home wares, accessories, artworks, beauty products and more – a great attraction loved by all.
  • Surfers Paradise Festival: Enjoy live music, food, parades, and many more, most of them for free! The biggest theme parks and restaurants are in on the festivities, so time your visit to Surfers Paradise around the start of April each year to enjoy this great Surfers Paradise attraction.
  • Window shop: Surfers Paradise is teaming with commercial shopping districts. You don’t have to spend your money right away. Window shopping is just as much fun!
  • Beach Volleyball: Travelling with a group? Perfect! You can enjoy a nice game or two of beach volleyball absolutely for free.

If you do have a little extra money, though, you can enjoy some of the best Surfers Paradise attractions at very affordable rates. Right now, the least expensive but definitely not least impressive Surfers Paradise attraction is Infinity Gold Coast along Surfers Paradise Boulevard at the Chevron Renaissance Centre. From just only $15.20 per child (when booking online), you can enjoy mind blowing futuristic mazes! Be sure to visit for more details and follow us on Facebook for all the latest deals!