If you’re going to the Gold Coast to experience the best theme parks in the world, forget about buying a 3 park super pass, the only pass you need to have an amazing experience is admission to Infinity Attraction. Don’t spend $129 on a 3 park super pass – just go to Infinity at Surfers Paradise and escape to a virtual reality styled experience for as little as $15.20 when you buy tickets online.

Infinity is one of the most exciting attractions in Surfers Paradise. Conveniently located in the heart of Surfers Paradise in the Chevron Renaissance Centre, Infinity is the first of its kind in the world so you can expect an experience like no other. Infinity is specifically designed to intensify all your senses and maximise your psychological and emotive responses to awe.

This attraction features a maze of around 20 unbelievable worlds that are filled with great music, astounding optical illusions, and jaw-dropping, never-before-seen special effects. These include Light Canyon, Electron Maze, Kaleidoscope, Magic Zone, Star Chamber, Stretch Strings, and many more. Infinity will stimulate your senses, encourage you to think out of the box, and make you appreciate things from different perspective.

Infinity Attraction will treat you to a unique world that you and your family will surely enjoy. So don’t pay $129 per person for a 3 park super pass, get a family pass for Infinity for just $69.90, or book a family pass online for just $62.90 – now that’s what I call a “super pass!”. After experiencing this amazing attraction, don’t forget to get your digital souvenir photos and make sure to buy some amazing items from our shop.

Take a glimpse of this mind-blowing journey by viewing the following commercial

Infinity guarantees not only amazing family entertainment, but also offers extra-ordinary team building activity for employees and is a great bonding experience for youth groups and kids parties. To find out more about Infinity Attraction please read a previous post about ‘Infinity Gold Coast’