Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast is one of the most visited destinations in all of Australia, not just because of its stunning beaches but also because of the attractions and family friendly Surfers Paradise theme park attractions on offer. If you’re done with the larger theme parks and want an affordable attraction close to your accommodation then you’re in luck as Surfers Paradise still has plenty to offer.

While you have the option of playing Miniature Golf or going on the ‘SlingShot’ and ‘Vomatron’ rides in Surfers Paradise, these are not always enjoyed by the entire family. If you’re after something that will a) give you all the joy of a theme park and b) offers a family pass for less than the cost of one admission at a standard theme park, then nothing compares to Infinity Attraction.

Infinity Attraction is one of the newest and most exciting theme parks in Surfers Paradise that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Experience a spectacular virtual reality of futuristic maze like worlds of wonder from the very second you enter. Infinity offers an extraordinary series of approximately 20 multi-sensual surroundings filled with unique special effects, atmospheric sound fields and mind-blowing illusions that are sure to give the entire family an extra-ordinary, unforgettable experience.

Infinity Attraction is the first of its kind in the world and offers a hilarious and exciting experience that won’t soon be forgotten. It is ideal family entertainment especially enjoyed by the kids. It is highly recommended for kids parties as it offers fun-filled challenges and totally new experiences.

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