If you want to experience the ultimate in fun, then Surfers Paradise is the place for you. Considered the tourism capital of Queensland, there is always something going on, especially at night. There are many great restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and a wide range of attractions, which is why fun and enjoyment are guaranteed every night. Among many great places to be, Infinity Attraction is on the top of the list, and we are open till 10 pm every night of the week, but what else can you do in Surfers Paradise at night? Well thanks to the Surfers Paradise Night Program you can now find out.

The Surfers Paradise Night Program is a fantastic website that lists all the many things you can do and see at night in Surfers Paradise. The suburb never sleeps and the offers are simply outstanding. The Surfers Paradise Night Program was created by the Surfers Paradise Alliance, with the goal of showing the consumers the fun, attractive and glamorous offers available at Surfers Paradise every night. If you have never explored all the options, and if you have never checked the night side of Surfers Paradise, it is the right time to do so, because you will certainly have so much fun and many incredible adventures.

The offerings at Surfers Paradise during the day are rich, and include all kinds of great things, such as endless fun at the beach, arts & culture, family events, and many other super attractive options. When it comes to Surfer Paradise nightlife, the offers you will find will be equally appealing, because there is always something incredible to see and experience.

When the sun goes down, the lights come on, and the streets are crowded, from that moment on, the serious fun begins. There are cafs, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs all around. You can start your night experience with a nice meal in one of the restaurants, in which you can enjoy local cuisine, and international as well, and try something you have never tried before. Then, you can visit one of the bars, or nightclubs, have a cocktail, listen to the music, and dance all night long. If you are not in the mood for dancing, you can visit one of the many wonderful attractions located at Surfers Paradise. As you can see, the night program is rich, and extremely engaging. Go out with your friends, enjoy your first date, or simply surprise your significant other with a nice dinner or drinks in a bar. All year round, there are many different events and music festivals to attend.

You will definitely stay up late, because when in Surfers Paradise, you always want more. The assortment of possibilities are endless, and whatever you like, and whatever you are looking for, you will find it right there. The setting itself is spectacular, and every attraction, caf, or restaurant is one special story. It is glamorous, it is fun, and it is entertaining. You will love it, and you will have the best night out ever. Once you experience the night offerings of Surfers Paradise, it will be your top choice for the future.

When you are in Surfers Paradise, there is a special attraction which must be on your list of places to visit. It is Infinity Attraction of course, and you can find us at Chevron Renaissance. Our attraction is open every day of the week till 10 pm, so you can visit us before or after dinner. The choice is yours. You will have the best 30 minutes of fun you have had in a long time. It is a half an hour journey which will take you straight to infinity, and all your senses will be challenged. Infinity is one of the most popular attractions in Surfers Paradise, and it is also extremely affordable. The tickets start at just $24.20 for an adult, but the experience you will have is priceless, and this attraction will be your favourite one. People are always coming back, and you will see why. It is phenomenal ? even if I do say so myself!

Surfers Paradises nightlife is extremely attractive and offers so many things to do and try. Moreover, it is not surprising why Surfers Paradise is the tourism capital of Queensland. Every night brings its own surprises, and it is never boring. If you want to really enjoy the night, and have a good time, now you know where to go, what to expect and you can easily choose what to do.

When in Surfers Paradise, dont forget to visit Infinity Attraction because it will blow your mind, and remember, we are open till 10 pm every night of the week. If you have any questions about Infinity, send us an email, or give us a call! To learn more about Surfers Paradise nightlife visit the http://nights.surfersparadise.com/ website.

I hope to see you in Surfers Paradise one night soon!