There are so many theme parks that you can find on the Gold Coast but if you’re looking for exciting, hilarious, and one-of-a-kind indoor activity for kids, Infinity, which is located on the heart of Surfers Paradise, is highly recommended.

Infinity is one of the newest Gold Coast activities that offers a completely new entertainment experience. In fact, this innovative attraction is the first of its kind in the world. It is specifically designed to ignite imagination and to challenge the senses. Its 20 multi-sensual mazes are guaranteed to leave an unforgettable impact and its fun atmosphere will make your kids want to stay longer.

Unlike other activity for kids, Infinity is an all-weather attraction and is fully air-conditioned. This is very important as it can get really hot and humid in this area particularly during summer season. So keeping your children protected from the harmful UV rays we experience on the Gold Coast is important.

Here at Infinity, you don’t need to worry about weather restricting your holiday fun. Watch your kids and their friends scream and laugh as they are blown away with jaw-dropping optical illusions as they make their way through the mazes. Infinity is also very popular with Social Clubs and Youth Groups. When it comes to safe indoor activity for kids, Infinity is at the top of the list.

The incredible Infinity journey takes  about 30 minutes and our guests agree that it is the best 30 minutes you could spend on the Gold Coast. There is no doubt that it is one of the best indoor activities for kids on the Gold Coast and this is enjoyed by both children and adults. Be sure to also read our previous post ‘Infinity – the ultimate kids party venue’ and consider it for your kids next birthday.

Understand why Infinity is a fantastic activity enjoyed by kids by viewing the following segment from Australian children’s television program ‘The Shak’.
[Insert Imagine the Shak 2006]

For more information regarding Infinity for kids, please visit the Kids’ Clubs, Social Clubs & Youth Groups page.