Gold Coast Tourist Attraction
Comments from our Guests


“Nothing like infinity”

An experience everyone should have at least once. I've been there about six times and it's a blast. Great for all ages

keeptravelling Hobart


Visited Infinity with 4 older teenagers and had expectations of an overpriced, boring waste of an hour - how wrong I was. I was mesmerised from the first 'room' and had an absolute ball, laughing at myself and all the members of our group. It is hard to describe Infinity - suffice to say, it is a unique experience and one that should not be missed!

Himanshu Bayshore

“Totally out of this world”

Gold Coast is such a touristy place that its easy to get numb to all the sales pitch you hear about so many places but Infinity is one such place that justifies all the praise that it gets. It’s so DIFFERENT from anything we had seen, that it has to rank as our BEST 30 mins in our Gold Coast trip...totally awesome - specially if u have kids in 9-12 year range - younger then that may find the darkness too spooky. It’s located downtown, so reaching is easy - they don't allow cameras (which though a pity but makes sense since it’s so dark inside anyway) but they have free lockers to keep ur camera and other stuff. When we went there was hardly anyone there and that added to our fun - it was like having a private tour :-)