There’s no doubt that Gold Coast’s theme parks are the best! There are certainly plenty of popular theme parks on the Gold Coast to choose from, and most of them, like Dreamworld, Sea World, and Movie World, are never short of excited visitors. If it’s your first time to visit the Gold Coast, you’re probably thinking of visiting these theme parks as well. Hold up! These lesser known but more than worthy theme parks deserve to be on your bucket list as well.

  • Infinity Attraction – located at the Chevron Renaissance Centre, although not your typical theme park, our amazing attraction will make you think you’ve stepped into a ‘Dreamworld’. Among all the attractions and theme parks on the Gold Coast, Infinity is the most futuristic. It is also the most invested when it comes to making highly convincing illusions. It’s suitable for kids of all ages, especially those who are eight years old and above. It’s also a great place for an all-adult group. For more details, be sure to visit our main website.
  • Timezone Surfers Paradise – open from 9AM to 12 midnight, this is the perfect theme park activity for families. It has the largest collection of interactive indoor games and some of them could accommodate up to 30 players at a time. To get the value for your money, it’s best for you to avail of their unlimited game packages.
  • Planet Chill – This is a great alternative to the hot summer hangouts in Surfers Paradise. It’s a permanent skating rink, which is probably the biggest in the area. For $20 per head, you and your travel companions can enjoy up to two hours of skating. This rate includes the rental for your skates.
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not – This is another great attraction to add to your theme park list, especially if you like illusion galleries and seeing other oddities. The tours here are self-guided.
  • Dracula’s Haunted House- This spooky funhouse is a worthy visit for kids of all ages. It’s convincing enough for the bigger kids, but safe enough for the younger ones as well.

When it comes to experiencing all the theme parks on the Gold Coast, vesting Infinity Attraction is a must! Here at Infinity, we are committed to giving you the best enjoyment. Make sure to visit us when you’re in town and expect an experience like no other. For tickets, please call 07 5526 8935 or contact us here for any questions. You may also like to follow us on Facebook or Google+ as we often advertise great offer and discount tickets.