With Schoolies week coming up in less than 2 months, now is the perfect time to figure out exactly what youre going to do to celebrate the 12 long years youve spent in school. Over the years, the Gold Coast has always been the home to Australias biggest and most fabulous schoolies celebration.

In previous years, Schoolies Gold Coast has seen thousands of school leavers having fun and partying all night long and often with the aid of alcohol which has given Schoolies Gold Coast a bad reputation. However, it seems that this trend has changed.

In a recent article published by news.com.au that looked at Seven trends for Schoolies Week trips in 2014, Unleashed Travel CEO Jot Lynas, listed ‘Activities will trump alcohol’ as his #1 travel trend. Students are now putting a lot of more thought into their Schoolies week celebrations and for many of them, partying and drinking on the beach is simply no longer their top choice. According to the research conducted by his team, a huge percentage of students are now looking for more sophisticated sojourn rather than the former partying all night.

Jot Lynas added that schoolies trips are now evolving into higher-quality experiences as more and more students are focusing on doing meaningful and recreational activities such as water sports. Others are considering overseas volunteer work with local cultures. Meanwhile, others are showing increasing interest in indulging in spa retreats. After 12 years of school and with the stresses of HSC behind them, many students ? particularly girls, are looking for luxury over partying.

Schoolies Gold Coast

A separate article from news.com.au has recently stated a growing number of parents would rather send their kids overseas to celebrate the end of school than to visit the Gold Coast, but when it comes to Schoolies week, Schoolies Gold Coast still comes up trumps for end of year celebrations for students around Australia.

Whether youre looking to let loose, participate in water sports activities, or have a relaxing spa experience, you can find all these activities and many more on the Gold Coast which is why, in my opinion, it remains to be the best destination for Schoolies Week! Just watch this video to see why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vf1W-VndBE

The Gold Coast, particularly Surfers Paradise puts on a supervised party that youll remember for the rest of your life. Schoolies Gold Coast is known to host a variety of concerts and events during Schoolies week to provide quality entertainment to school leavers who are coming from all points of Australia. This year the beach concerts will feature big acts like Illy, Stafford Brothers, The Twins, Bombs Away and Some Blonde DJ. ?Party all night, get a little crazy and celebrate the fact that youve finally finished your high school education.

If youd rather focus on recreational activities, the Gold Coast can offer you a long list of great things to do. Being home to some of Australias great surfing beaches, you may try surfing with your friends and get that natural high. You can also rent a bike to explore the whole coast, trek the hinterland, try mountain climbing, or simply play beach volleyball with your mates.
If youre looking for a unique activity, which I can guarantee that you havent experienced before, make sure to include Infinity Gold Coast in your itinerary. It is the ultimate Schoolies week activity, and will provide you with the most fun youll have sober all week! Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, TripAdvisor has rated our attraction as one of the most popular in Surfers Paradise and shouldnt be missed. It is the first attraction of its kind in the world and offers exciting, interactive experience that is perfect for Schoolies on the Gold Coast. Take all your mates with you and watch them scream and laugh at the same time as they make their way to infinity. Its the ultimate chemical free trip. For tickets, you can buy online at a discounted rate, or call our Ticket Desk on?07 5526 8935.

Would you rather get a massage than party all night? Then, youll be happy to know that Gold Coast is also great for students who are looking forward to relaxing. After completing high school, you definitely deserve a spa retreat package. The Gold Coast is home to world-class spas that offer every treatment that you maybe looking for.


You have several choices on how to spend your Schoolies week. You can let loose on the beach or at a club, participate in schoolies activities, or enjoy a relaxing spa retreat. Whatever it is that youd like to do, you can be assured that the Gold Coast can offer you exactly what youre looking for. To make your Schoolies week on the Gold Coast more memorable, make sure to grab your Schoolies discount from your Schoolies app and drop by Infinity Gold Coast and experience the most fun youve ever had sober!