School holidays are coming up and once again you’re dreading how you’ll keep the kids occupied and entertained for 2 whole weeks. As a parent myself, I understand your hesitation, especially if you’re a working parent. How can you possibly juggle work while looking after your kids? But what If I told you there was a place full of school holiday activities for your kids and even a few treats for yourself?

Re-introducing Surfers Paradise! Gone are the days when locals left Surfers Paradise just for tourists. It is now one hell of a destination that offers something for everyone, yes even mums! While there are ample (affordable!) school holiday activities for the kids, there is also plenty on offer to keep you from feeling like your kids personal chauffeur for the day. But first, let’s look at what makes Surfers Paradise a perfect destination for school holiday activities.

School holiday activities for kids

  • Great beach – Surfers Paradise is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Australia  and the world and it is perfect to kill a couple of hours with free entertainment every single day. Depending on your children’s age and interests, the beach is a great school holiday activity and gives them a variety of options; they can take surfing lessons for beginners, swim with their mates (Surfers Paradise is great for both swimming and surfing), play Frisbee, etc. You can also have a great picnic by the beach so you can bond with your kids without spending too much money.
  • Amusement, Amusement, Amusement – Surfers Paradise offers tons of amusement options to keep your kids happy and entertained over the school holidays. These include Time Zone, Infinity Gold Coast, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Haunted House and many more. The good thing about these amusement centres is that prices are fairly cheap so you can afford to take your children to more than one. To give you an idea of these school holiday activity costs, Infinity Gold Coast charge just $16.10 for children (Click here to buy your tickets online).
  • Great food kids love! – What kid doesn’t love food! Treat them to McDonalds, buy them an ice cream or sit down and enjoy a meal you’ll all enjoy at one of the many cafes and restaurants. Whether you’re craving for steak, authentic Australian food, or would like to experiment on Asian cuisines, you can be sure to find restaurants that will satisfy you and your kid’s taste buds!
  • Participate in Kid’s Week! – Surfers Paradise helps mums like you in sorting out September school holidays with Kids Week. This is a family-friendly event that will surely keep your kids occupied and entertained with a handful of great school holiday activities on offer. This week-long event is loaded with fun activities designed for all ages. These include character concerts like Sponge Bob,cupcake decorating, balloon twisting, character appearances, and more! There are also live performances and kids-friendly shows throughout the event. The best thing is that it is for free!

What Surfers Paradise can offer for mums like you!

Of course, I have not forgotten about you mum! While you’re running around looking for school holiday activities for your kids, it won’t go un-rewarded in Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is a shop-a-holic’s dream where you’ll find a long list of vintage boutiques and shopping centres. Whether you’re looking for stylish homewares, unique gifts or women’s fashion, Surfers Paradise definitely has everything you’re looking for. The great thing about Surfers Paradise is that everything is in walking distance. Just 200 metres from the beach is Chevron Renaissance that features not just trendy stores and boutiques, but also a range of beauty, health and other essential services. It is also where you’ll find Infinity Gold Coast, so drop your kids off for 40 minutes of mind-blowing fun while you have some “me time” and indulge in some shopping or a quiet cup of coffee.

Other fantastic Surfers Paradise shopping centres include the Paradise Centre, Hilton High Street and of course, the night markets which are held every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday along Surfers Paradise Esplanade. Here, you can buy everything from vintage clothing to craft, to knick-knacks and everything in between. There is also live entertainment to look forward to coupled with great dining options.

Watch the following video to see what Surfers Paradise has to offer you and your children:

If you want to try something new, which will also relieve the stress of finding a car park in Surfers, take advantage of the new G-Link light rail and be taken to your destination in minutes. No doubt your kids will also get a kick out of this experience!


If you’re running out of school holiday activities to keep your children occupied and entertained throughout the school holidays, consider taking them to Surfers Paradise where they can take advantage of the beautiful beach, have a great time at several amusement centres and participate in Kids’ Week. As for mums like you, unwind and enjoy that much-needed “me time” by going to a spa & sauna or try some retail therapy!

If you’re worried about spending too much on school holiday activities, choose Infinity Gold Coast where ticket prices start at just $16.10 when you buy online. At Surfers Paradise, finding fun and affordable school holiday activities will never be a hassle again!