Gold Coast theme parks are amongst Australia’s top tourist attractions of all time!

Do you ever wake up feeling like it’s Groundhog Day where every day seems to roll into another and you look back on your week and feel disappointed that another week has past you by and you’ve gained nothing? If that sounds familiar, perhaps a new and exciting experience will break you free from your monotonous day-to-day lifestyle. Introducing Infinity Gold Coast; one of the finest and most exciting attractions in the region.

Infinity Gold Coast is unlike any other Gold Coast attraction; in fact, its unlike any other attraction found anywhere around the world. The first of its kind, Infinity Gold Coast offers a great new experience that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Located in the heart of the beautiful and stunning Surfers Paradise, Infinity is the Gold Coasts ultimate tourist attraction. If youre tired of thrill rides (or if youre too scared to jump on one!) but still would like to experience some fun on your holiday, then Infinity can give you exactly what youre looking for.

Prepare yourself to be amazed and to question whats real and whats not as you go on a mind-blowing journey through multi-sensual environments, where illusions seem to go all the way to infinity and beyond! Get excited by experiencing something thats unpredictable, something different and something new. Infinitys futuristic fun house features state-of-the-art SFX effects, mesmerizing sound fields and never-before-seen innovative optical illusions for an experience like nothing else.

Infinity Gold Coast is designed to be a fun and unique experience for all; kids, teenagers, schoolies, and adults! Whether youre on the Gold Coast with your significant other or with your children, you can be assured that theyll appreciate this Gold Coast attraction. Make sure that you move slowly when you check out all the 20 spectacular worlds so you will not miss anything. Take all the time you need and dont hesitate to have some fun. Youll find yourself with your travel companions screaming and laughing all at the same time. While children specifically love our Wobbly floor and the giant balls in the GloTubes, adult visitors said that what they really love about Infinity is the fact that it keeps them on edge, not knowing what to expect and what will happen next.

Last year, Infinity Gold Coast received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for receiving hundreds of favourable reviews from previous guests. This means that for the whole year, we were able to maintain a TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five. With this achievement, we can offer you a guarantee that Infinity Gold Coast is indeed something that you should check out whenever youre visiting the Gold Coast or looking for something fun to do in Surfers Paradise.

Infinity is however, so much more than just a tourist attraction! Continue reading as I highlight how Infinity Gold Coast can be beneficial to you;

Good old fashion family fun

As a parent, I know how difficult it can be to keep children entertained, especially over school holidays. With high energy levels and often limited attention spans, its very easy for kids to get bored, fast! Its often difficult to continue coming up with affordable ideas to keep children entertained which is when Infinity Gold Coast becomes so handy. It is recommended for ages 8 and above and? online tickets are just $16.10 for children or purchase a discount family pass from just $65.60. Its hard to find entertainment for the entire family at such affordable prices and with our current 1/2 Price Re-Entry admission offer, its even more affordable! Enjoy? out of this world family fun with our 30-minute journey while experiencing areas that are filled with mind-boggling sound fields and illusions.

A Team Building exercise like no other

Infinity Gold Coast is extremely popular as a team building venue. If you want your employees or co-workers to strengthen their bond whilst enjoying themselves, then Infinity Gold Coast is your best option. You and your team will have the time of your lives while being amazed with what our attraction can offer. Enjoy fun-filled challenges and experience a powerful sense of achievement when you take the Infinity journey.

Team building leaders have expressed that Infinity Gold Coast helped their employees expand their thinking and inspired them to think outside of the box. Infinity is also great for office parties. Whether youve just closed a big deal, reached your quota for the month, or celebrating a staff members birthday, bringing everybody to Infinity guarantees an absolute ball with your colleagues.

For more information, visit our Conference, Team Building & Staff Rewards page.

Enjoy Schoolies 2014 Gold Coast to the max!

Schoolies week is just around the corner and there is no better place to celebrate it than on the Gold Coast. Considered Queenslands premiere playground for school leavers, the Gold Coast offers you everything you need to have memorable experience. Whether you want to just lie and sunbath on the beach or enjoy the Gold Coasts lively nightlife, youre guaranteed to have the time of your life. If you want to experience something different, dont forget to include Infinity Gold Coast in your itinerary. Youll surely laugh about the antics of your former class mates as they make their way through Infinity. Its one experience that youll surely remember for a very long time. We offer discounted prices for students so make sure to download app from the App store for more details.

For more information, visit our Schoolies page.

Ultimate Kids Party venue

For a kids party venue that will make all other birthday parties seem boring, Infinity Gold Coast should be considered. Infinity Gold Coast offers a safe yet enjoyable environment that allows kids to explore worlds of wonder with amazing special effects. Your kids birthday party will be enjoyed by all and become the talk of the town. There are special packages for kids parties that are extremely affordable and as low as $14.30 per child.

For more information, visit our Kids Parties page.

Join our Rewards Program and Save

For our frequent visitors who simply just cant get enough of our spell-binding attraction, we have created a brand new Rewards App that you can download for free from iTunes App Store and Google Play. To show you how much we appreciate your business, this App is designed to keep you up to date with all our latest offers. Among the great rewards that you can look forward to include huge discounts and even free admissions for frequent visitors. Youll also get free souvenir photos and the ability to upload them directly to the App. You can also use the App to easily and conveniently purchase tickets for your next visit.

A great location in the heart of the Gold Coast

One of the best things about Infinity Gold Coast is that it is very accessible for not only locals, but for tourists who choose to stay in Surfers Paradise. Tourists need not worry about transportation to get to Infinity Gold Coast as you can find us at the ground level of Chevron Renaissance Centre, walking distance from all Surfers Paradise accommodation. We are open from 10am to 10pm daily and open everyday except on Christmas day.? The new G-Link tram service stops minutes away at the Cavill station.

Infinity Gold Coast vs. Gold Coast theme parks

The Gold Coast, as you may already know, is home to several world-class theme parks. In fact, these are considered one of the main reasons why millions of tourists visit our region each year. If youre reading this blog post and asking yourself: why should I choose Infinity Gold Coast over other Gold Coast theme parks? the answer would be simple: Infinity offers something very unique that you havent experienced before. Our attraction features never-before-seen technology and totally out-of-this-world fun. In addition, if youre pressed for time, Infinity is easily accessible if youre staying at any Surfers Paradise accommodation. This means that you dont have to spend so much time travelling back and forth and you also save on transportation. Lastly, Infinity is one of the most affordable attractions on the Gold Coast. While theme parks charge at least $80 for their entrance fee, our ticket prices start at just $16.10. This is a huge saving especially if youre coming with your family.


Infinity Gold Coast is definitely one Gold Coast attraction that you cannot afford to miss. Offering out-of-this-world experience, it is something that you definitely will not forget. Its not only perfect for families but also highly recommended for kids parties, as a schoolies or team building activity.

Got questions? Send your enquiries through our contact page. For tickets, you have the option to buy online or to call our Ticket desk:?07 5526 8935. Buy your tickets now and enjoy amazing discounts especially if youre going with a group of people or with your family.