Surfers Paradise has many wonderful places to see and explore. There are so many fun attractions which are perfect for families and Infinity Attraction is the most popular one in the area. Infinity Attraction has called Chevron Renaissance home since its opening, so when we were notified that Chevron Renaissance would be undergoing a multi million dollar face lift, we were ecstatic and welcoming the upcoming development.

The redevelopment of the property, which opened its doors in 2000, will make the precinct more appealing. It will certainly add a glow and a touch of refreshment which will attract many new people to visit Chevron Renaissance.

The transformation of the popular shopping precinct located in the heart of Surfers Paradise will start soon. The developers and architects have a clear vision about the future look of Chevron Renaissance. The investment company which purchased the site for a reported $75 million is Precision Group, owned by Shaun Bontt. The BRW Rich List estimated the wealth of Shaun Bontt at $375 million. The investment company has various properties, such as White Horse Hotel Sydney, Customs House Port Adelaide and the Victory Hotel Brisbane. Chevron Renaissance is the first one on the Gold Coast in their portfolio. Bontt had always been aware that the property was the perfect investment and he got the chance at the end of 2014 to negotiate a deal. He founded the Precision Group more than 20 years ago and the company became strong thanks to the purchase of retail properties, which have been properly developed first, and then sold.

Shaun Bontt said the main problem with Chevron Renaissance is that the centre did not have a clear vision, and moving forward, improving it is essential. The idea is to make the shopping centre attractive again with many top-quality services which will be available and with a renovated Coles supermarket. The precinct will be refreshed and it will have more of a lifestyle appeal. It will be food oriented, but it will be the perfect blend of affordable prices and top quality food. The renovation project takes all important factors into account, such as the fact the property has seven entry points and a large demographic customer base. The full understanding of the available opportunities the centre has to offer is extremely important. The property was built incredibly well, which is why the redevelopment wont be as complicated, and as Shaun Bontt said, it is a great honour to have such an opportunity and to be a part of the Chevron Renaissance renovation project. The goal is to attract more people to visit the centre and to attract well known international tenants.

The plan for Chevron Renaissance and all the other new proposed developments will surely make Infinity an even more attractive place to visit whilst staying in Surfers Paradise. Infinity is the most popular attraction in Surfers Paradise, because it is unique and completely different. It is a perfect option for family fun, a work mate adventure or an enjoyable experience with friends. Infinity is open every day of the week, from 10am to 10 pm. It is suitable for all ages (over 8). The adventure is set in a maze-like world with amazing special effects, atmospheric sound fields and groovy music and a wide range of infinite illusions. People who have already visited our great attraction were amazed by the experience of their emotions. With the renovation of the Chevron Renaissance, Infinity Attraction will certainly have more visitors and this is something we welcome with open arms.


The Chevron Renaissance facelift will begin soon. The beautiful centre which is based in an attractive location deserves a new fresh transformation. The vision of the renovation and improvements is clear and the developers and architects have some huge plans for the future of Chevron Renaissance. The site was purchased by the Precision Group, an investment company which was founded in 1994 by Shaun Bontt who is the companys CEO and is their first investment on the Gold Coast. The main goal of the renovation is to make the centre more attractive to neighbours, tourists and international tenants. Coles supermarket will be renovated and the entire centre will become more food oriented, with exceptional service and affordable prices. The renovation project is important for us here at Infinity as well, because for us, Chevron Renaissance is home. The million dollar facelift will begin soon, and it will look amazing. We cannot wait!

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