Queensland theme parks are impressive and draw a lot of tourists to the state no matter what the season. However, you need to be smart about buying theme park tickets especially if you’re travelling with kids. If you’re visiting Australia to experience the very best in Queensland theme parks, then this article is for you! Take note of the tips below, it may very well save you a lot of money.

If you’re looking at Gold Coast theme park ticketsonline, you might get slightly discouraged. Why? The tickets for the most popular ones cost roughly around $100. That’s probably something you thought you could spend for the entire family, but no. Popular Gold Coast theme park ticketsfor Dreamworld, Sea World and Movie World will cost you roughly $100 a person. If you get discounts, you’ll get probably $20 off, but if you’re on a budget, $80 is still a lot to pay for Gold Coast theme park tickets.

It’s a good thing that your choice of theme parks does not need to be limited to these three. There are other Gold Coast theme parks and attractions that offer tickets that cost much less, and if you’re brave enough to read reviews online, you’ll find hidden gems, especially if you’re ordering for an entire group.

Let me be so bold to blatantly plug our very own Infinity attraction on the Gold Coast, which is actually highly lauded by the locals who know it exists! The special effects of our futuristic mazes and environments are so convincing, they will leave you questioning some basic principles of physics. Some say they felt like they entered dreamland.

What’s most surprising, especially for those that are planning to treat the entire family, is that it’s such a great experience which costs as low at $15.20 a ticket – buy tickets online & save! While the larger theme parks cost $100 a ticket, you and your kids can experience our Infinity attraction for a fraction of the cost! We also offer cheaper discounts for large groups.
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