At Infinity, we love a good party! We see masses of kids parties taking on the Infinity maze of wonder and fun each week. Weve seen some pretty crazy themed parties over the years so wed thought we put a list together of our favorites to help spur on some inspiration!

Colour Bash
Let them loose in the backyard with some neon coloured powders; the same as what they do for the Holi Spring Festival in India. You can buy non-toxic, all natural powders online, which dont sting the eyes and makes for some amazing footage!

And dont worry, these powders dissolve in water and are completely safe to go down the drain or to soak into your lawn.

Superhero Party
A bit of an age-old classic, but thanks to the latest super her movies like Thor, Ironman, Wonder woman, Batman etc. the superhero theme is still as popular as ever. With some newer superhero movies being released over the next few months; Aqua man, Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Black Panther, The Flash, there is going to be no shortage of ideas.

A great activity for the superhero theme is kids come dressed as favourite superhero, parents come dressed as villains and play goodies vs. baddies all afternoon!

Hawaiian Party
A summer favorite, the Hawaiian party is an easy to plan, no fuss option for a great birthday party. Hula Hoops, Hawaiian pizza, pineapples, coconuts, grass skirts and maybe some sing alongs with a ukulele? You get the picture.

Ice Cream Party
Ice cream everything! Get creative and make ice cream shaped decorations, have an ice cream cake, with some ice cream inspired games (duck-duck-ice cream!). If you really want to throw an awesome ice cream party, why not shape all non-ice cream food items into the same shape as ice cream cones. Theyll all scream for ice cream!

Outdoor movie night
Possibly one of our personal favorites, the outdoor movie night is a guaranteed hit and is oh so simple! Hang some fairy lights in your garden, throw some bean bags on the grass, pop some popcorn and youre in business! You will need to hire a projector with a white screen or just shine it onto a flat surface.

Water fight!
Summer is coming. Slippery slides, water guns, water balloons and sprinklers! Some of the most fun you can have on a hot summers day is to get the kids out into the backyard and to add some H20. Just be sure to provide lots of sun cream and hydrating drinks for all that fun in the sun.

Treasure Hunt
A true crowd pleasure where every kid is a winner, the treasure hunt is something you can do anywhere ? no matter where you live. Go to a discount store and load up on gimmicky toys, lollies, chocolates and straw baskets for storing treasure! Each kid can keep take their basket to take home as a token of a great day out!

Construction Site!
Maybe one for the boys, a construction site party could get a little dirty! If you have some extra dirt in the back yard, or even if you have a sandpit ? a construction party requires some toy diggers, excavators, bulldozers and some hard hats.

Camping Party
Bust out the tents, torches, the marshmallows and some spooky stories. Some of the best party ideas are the ones that require little to no technology. We recommend a ban on phones for best results!

Infinity Attraction
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