COSMOLOGY Book by Gregg D Thompson

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From the Ultimate Guide to Stargazing Book Volumes and from the Creator of INFINITY Attraction comes his Volume 4 release COSMOLOGY

In this book you’ll encounter mind-boggling concepts about the universe, how it came into being, why it’s expanding ever faster, its unexpected structure and why we can see back to the beginning of time. It proposes answers to the Biggest questions ever asked! Are there other solar systems and other Earths? Might there be life and other intelligences out there? What might alien life be like? Do UFOS visit Earth? Will space warps allow us to traverse the galaxy? What will the future be like? How might intelligence and consciousness affect the universe? How could the universe be so incredibly finely-tuned? Could our universe be a simulation? Is the future predetermined, and is everything in the universe designed around formulas?


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