Gold Coast Tourist Attraction
Comments from our Guests

Heidi Matthes – Germany

“Infinity - what a series of illusions! The greatest thing I have done for years. I am from Germany and I visited Infinity a few weeks ago. I enjoyed Infinity so much that I can’t stop thinking about it. I have told all my friends and they are excited about it as well. I also loved the wonderful music and sound effects.”

Zoe - Broadbeach

“I am a 14yr old chick from the Gold Coast. I would just like to say that Infinity is S-O-O-O-O  TRIPPY!! It was great entertainment. We loved it.”

Kim White – Sydney

“I will never forget the wonderful experience I had at Infinity. I’ll be bringing all my friends during the holidays. My friend Karlie and I were recently on holiday on the Gold Coast and some people coming out of Infinity recommended that we go. I can tell you I was totally blown away! When we finally found our way out we wanted to go straight back in. We have not stopped thinking about it since.”


“Not what you'd expect”

It feels like an incredible never-ending world of special effects and magical lights. Lots of fun for all ages.

Ruby 807


We had amazing time going through infinity especially after a drink. The lights are so effective you really feel as if your in another universe. Its not scary there are not things or people jumping out at you so all your doing is laughing and having a good time. I have been here twice now and I would do it again!! great for kids and adults!