Gold Coast Tourist Attraction
Comments from our Guests

Alan - Gold Coast

"You can’t describe it – you just have to experience it!"

Geoff & Danielle - Southport

“It’s a chemical free trip – an awesome sensory overload – a real blast!” 

Cheers, Rod & Gaelyne - Adelaide

“WOW! Words cannot adequately describe the INFINITY experience. Infinity was without a doubt the most spectacular and memorable experience of our Gold Coast holiday. Totally amazing. Nothing at the theme parks comes close in comparison. Can't wait to come back again.”

Darren Molloy – Sunshine Coast

”I took my family of five children to Infinity and had a great time. It tested the children’s’ imagination as well as my own at times. The younger ones could not decipher reality from illusion as they held on to me at times for dear life! The effects were the best I’ve seen.”

Jane, Jessie & Samantha Ash - Gold Coast

“When our relatives asked for places to visit when they come over from NZ, we put Infinity at the top of the entertainment list. The only problem was trying to explain the fantastic voyage that we experienced!”