Infinity Gold Coast

Spending quality time with your kids is priceless. As a parent, you are always doing your best to take them somewhere different where they can really enjoy themselves. If you are searching for the perfect place that is exciting, unique and fun for the whole family, then you can’t go past the INFINITY attraction in Surfers Paradise at Chevron Renaissance. It’s a 21st century experience that should be at the top of your list. You will all love it and it will instantly become your kids’ favourite place to visit. The attraction is suitable for all ages over 8.

Infinity Gold Coast

The only way to understand how cool and entertaining INFINITY is for you and your kids, is to visit it. Looking at their happy faces when the adventure is over will be priceless..

INFINITY is the most popular attraction in Surfers Paradise with many visitors saying they had more fun in half an hour at INFINITY than they did at some major theme parks! It is the first and only attraction of its kind in the world. It offers a unique and highly interactive adventure. We can guarantee that it will be very different to any other adventure you or your children have ever had.

INFINITY is a walk-through, maze-like adventure through 20 different environments that are full of imagination, special effects, illusions, atmospheric sound fields, and ultra-groovy music for all ages. Your adventure is a walk-through experience that typically lasts about half an hour. It will ignite your imagination and challenge all your senses. It will be something new for them, which is why they will love it! It is safe, fun environment, ideal for kids over 8, although some under this age also find it fascinating.

INFINITY is a great venue for kids’ parties, kids clubs, social clubs, youth groups and school outings. As mentioned, it is a safe, fun environment, which is why is why it is considered as one of the best  Gold Coast activity for kids. If you want to surprise your children by organising a kid’s party,there is no better option. It is ideal for social clubs and youth groups. When finally returning to reality from the fun of  these futuristic worlds of special effects, kids are excited and laughing.

Another important thing which makes INFINITY attractive is the price. Tickets are only $16.10 per child when purchased online. There are special packages which are available for party groups. You won’t spend too much money and the experience will be phenomenal. Families come to have fun, explore the environments, and laugh a lot.


Infinity Attraction

If you have been searching for a perfect place to take your kids for a fun experience, INFINITY is the place! It is one of the most popular Gold Coast attractions for kids, because it is totally different from all the other attractions. INFINITY is suitable for all ages  over 8, which means you will enjoy it as well. The walk-through journey will take your kids from one environment to another. It will be a true adventure full of surprises, fun and laughter. It will challenge the kid’s senses and it will ignite their imagination. It is a perfect venue for kid’s parties, social clubs and youth clubs.

For any questions about Infinity Attraction, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page, or call 07 5526 8935 for our ticket desk.

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