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How to entertain the kids in School Holidays

school holidays gold coast

It can be nice to have the kids home for a few weeks to spend some quality family

time together but after a few days at home they tend to go a bit stir crazy!

There’s only so many times you can take a trip to the movies before you’ve seen

it all, twice… Here are a few other ideas of how to entertain the troop on the Gold

Coast.Read more…

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Gold Coast on a Budget


It’s no secret that there is a whole heap of fun things to do on the Gold Coast,

but a lot of these activities can be quite costly! When the budget gets tight, it can

feel like you have no option but to sit at home. As it turns out, there are actually

plenty of things to do on the Gold Coast that won’t break the bank!Read more…

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The Perfect First Date

perfect date gold coast

Taking someone on a first date can be a daunting task. Where will you take

them? What will you talk about? How can you make it one to remember? Well we

have planned you the ultimate first date with no room for awkward silences.

Stick to this plan and you will be on date 2 in no time!Read more…

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The Perfect Rainy Gold Coast Day

gold coast rainy day

What is there to do when it rains on the Gold Coast? The Gold Coast is known for

its stunning weather, pristine beaches and outdoor lifestyle in general. But the

thing about tropical weather is it’s so unpredictable! So what do you do when

weather turns south and you had a beach and picnic day planned? Lucky for you,

we have a whole new plan mapped out.Read more…

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Mind-Blowing Family Fun at INFINITY

Your kids – and you – are going to love your Gold Coast holiday! Imagine days filled with sunshine, foodie pursuits, and unforgettable experiences, like a trip to INFINITY. We guarantee to be the attraction that will up the fun-factor level for the entire family. Our ‘fantastic funhouse of the future,’ was recently featured in a blog post by Expedia for being one of the must-see Gold Coast attractions that will guarantee an unforgettable family holiday. Check out the article, ‘Gold Coast Family Holidays‘, for more inspiration on a fuss-free family holiday.Read more…

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9 Themes for Kids Parties

Kids Parties Gold Coast

At Infinity, we love a good party! We see masses of kids’ parties taking on the Infinity maze of wonder and fun each week. We’ve seen some pretty crazy themed parties over the years so we’d thought we put a list together of our favourites to help spur on some inspiration!

Colour Bash

Let them loose in the backyard with some neon coloured powders; the same as what they do for the Holi Spring Festival in India. You can buy non-toxic, all natural powders online, which don’t sting the eyes and makes for some amazing footage!

And don’t worry, these powders dissolve in water and are completely safe to go down the drain or to soak into your lawn.Read more…

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6 ways to enjoy the Gold Coast

Enjoy Gold Coast

Famous for a lot of things, the Gold Coast is a holiday destination that singles, couples, families and travellers will all enjoy. With so much to do, instead of telling you what you must do to have a great time, we’re showing you the things you don’t want to miss, to avoid having a bad time!

Here is Infinity Attraction’s top 6 things you don’t want to miss on the Gold Coast:Read more…

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If you’re backpacking through Australia, this is what you need to know…

Backpacking Australia Gold Coast

Australia is the most amazing place in the world (yes we’re a bit biased) for backpacking. With so much to do and see the only problem you’ll have is not wanting to leave!

If you are coming to Australia on a backpacking trip, you are in for one of the most amazing experiences of your life. No doubt, you will have a lot on your mind; what to do, where to stay, how to commute, how much to spend etc.

Here at Infinity Attraction we see a whole lot of backpackers coming through our doors chasing the Infinity trip, so we thought we would put together a helpful couple of tips for making the most of your Australian backpacking trip.Read more…

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Top tips and tricks for catching Pokemon!

Best tips for catching pokemon

Gotta Catch em all? Infinity might be able to help…

We’ve been noticing a lot of people gathering outside the doors of Infinity lately, and for weeks it had us puzzled. We were asking ourselves, why are people walking around with their heads in their phones with smiles from ear to ear. What could everyone be doing?

That was until we heard about the Pokemon Go App. Naturally; we downloaded it soon after to find out what all the fuss was about. We opened the app, walked down Surfers Paradise Blvd and were surprised at the amount of Pokemon that were popping up.

After a short time of trying to perfect the app, we got the hang of it. As we kept walking, we turned the corner into the Chevron Renaissance building heading back to Infinity; we noticed a clump of Pokemon hanging outside our doors! We’re talking Charizard, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff and a few more!Read more…

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7 Steps to Plan the Perfect Kids Party

Kids Parties at Infinity on the Gold Coast

Planning a birthday bash on the Gold Coast for your kids can be a hard task, 

especially if you’re working and lacking the inspiration. That’s why we’ve put

together these 7 steps to help you go all out without having to go, all out!


1. The Food

While being super creative and planning intricate snack foods sounds good in

theory, it’s usually not worth the hassle on the day (unless you have a maid).

Chances are, the kids won’t even appreciate the effort you’ve gone to make those

Peppa Pig inspired sliders or the Angry Birds vegetable snack ‘deconstruction’.

The key is to keep it simple. Go with what you know and what you are

comfortable with to make the day as stress free as possible. Nothing wrong with

party pies, mixed sandwiches and fairy bread!


2. The Plan

Make sure you plan a schedule for all the activities throughout the day and allow

for travel time. What time your guests should arrive, where you’ll play games,

what time to arrive at Infinity, where to get ice cream and what they’ll get when

they go home.


3. Invitations

Make sure you order your Infinity party invitations a few weeks prior to the date

of the party. This gives you enough time to personalise and send them out with

enough notice for your guests to RSVP.


4. RSVP list

Ensure you stay on top of who’s coming and if they have any special requests.

When inviting guests, try and keep the numbers even so no one misses out

during the games and remember – the older the children, the better they are at

tolerating bigger crowds, so be strategic about how many kids you invite.


5. Involve the birthday boy/girl

Don’t be too overbearing with the decision making, get your child in on the

conversation as well. If you both have very different ideas about what themes

could work (or are even possible), write them down. You need to decide what

you are willing to pay for and spend time on, so if you control what goes onto the

list, then your child will still feel like they get to choose.


6. Opening the presents

Do it at home – trust us! There is nothing more embarrassing than your child

announcing in front of all your guests that they don’t like what they’ve been

given! Avoid the stress of what they might say and open the presents when you

get home.

Another added benefit of opening the presents at home is there is no risk of

losing different bits and pieces. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to

find every lost piece of Lego from a 500-piece star wars set.


7. Infinity Attraction

If you really want to knock the socks of the kids, then Infinity is the perfect place

to blow their minds! Literally let your kids run free to explore a world of wonder

at Infinity at Surfers Paradise. Every facet of the attraction is supervised, safe and

super fun for all kids aged 8 and above!


What’s better – Infinity is indoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather

ruining your kid’s perfect day, which is really important when you live on the

Gold Coast. You don’t have to worry about parking as there is two hours free and

plenty of spaces located in Mantra Chevron Renaissance.


Note that you need a minimum number of 8 guests to book a kids

birthday party. For a full list of prices and different party options, please download this party

booking form and send back to


Infinity on the Gold Coast is the perfect place to hold a stress free party for your

child’s next birthday and one they will never forget!

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The Top 10 Things To See & Do in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The Top 10 Things To See & Do in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

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Why Infinity is Perfect for Team Building

For any business, having an enthusiastic and hard-working staff is one of the most significant things. The best way to motivate your employees is through team building activities. Such activities can have a very strong impact on your business, and of course, business results. If you are looking to create a productive working environment with a team of motivated individuals, then team building activities should be part of your workplace and there is no better place to do this than at INFINITY Attraction.

Recently, I read a resource on the official website of the Queensland Government, and it explains the importance of team building perfectly, so I will share it with you. Also, I will provide certain details about one of the most popular Gold Coast attractions, our very own INFINITY Attraction, and why it is considered the perfect team building activity.

infinity team building

Team building is important for several reasons. One of the most obvious ones is the fact that it will facilitate better communication at the workplace. Employees will be able to communicate more openly with one another, as well as with upper management. Your staff will be motivated, and they will feel more comfortable in the workplace. Moreover, they will be able to share their opinions and ideas, and they will be ready to accept new challenges. Also, professional relations will be much improved, and as a result, co-operation will be at a much higher level. With all that in mind, the conclusion is actually simple – productivity will be increased, and your business bloom. Team building is beneficial for everyone. Your staff will feel good and motivated to work, which means they will achieve goals much easier, and your business results will be exceptional.

Infinity Attraction is the perfect destination to bring your staff for a team building experience. First of all, the attraction itself is unique on many levels. You and your staff will experience a maze-like world, and the journey through this world lasts for 30 minutes. It is filled with all kinds of special effects, sounds, and many incredible illusions. It provides a sense of achievement, and it also improves the ability to solve problems.

Creativity in the workplace must be taken into account, because it is often vital, and Infinity Attraction expands the imagination, which means it promotes creativity. It is the ideal way to show the commitment of your company to lateral ways of thinking. It also breaks barriers, because it increases the level of trust between you and your employees. Staff won’t feel such a large gap between them and you, and they will see you as their colleague. That will boost the morale of your staff, which means they will be more productive. You will also show that you are excited about everything that the future holds, and that you see your team members there.

You can bring your staff to Infinity Attraction anytime, to boost their spirits, and to reward them for all of the work well done. In a way, you are showing your appreciation for all their efforts, and that can do wonders, especially when it comes to the staff’s morale. Often, business owners are eager to have their team members to think differently, outside the box, but in order to see that, you should encourage them to do so. Infinity Attraction will expand the horizons of your staff, and yours as well, and it will be a perfect team building activity.

There are many companies that have already experienced the benefits of Infinity Attraction, and they now have a productive working environment, with a team of enthusiastic individuals. They also keep coming back, because the Infinity experience is never boring, just the opposite, it is always exciting. You will do the same, because you and your staff will enjoy the experience, and it will become your favourite team building activity. Above it all, Infinity Attraction is extremely affordable, intriguing, mysterious and fun.


Infinity Attraction is the ideal team building activity. As you can see, team building is important for many reasons, and the most significant one is better productivity in the workplace, and exceptional business results. If you have been looking for a particular team building activity, now you know the benefits of Infinity Attraction. Bringing your staff to Infinity will change the course of things in a positive direction, and every member of the team will be more confident, prepared for new challenges, encouraged to do more, and be creative and satisfied. It is a unique and extremely fun experience, and you will all enjoy!

Visit the official website of Infinity Attraction for more information on conferences, team building and staff rewards, and make sure to get the tickets for the most spectacular team building activity on the Gold Coast. You can purchase tickets at the gate, but by buying online, you will get a discount!

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Infinity “Top 2” most popular Gold Coast attraction!

The Gold Coast has so much to offer. There are so many wonderful beaches, restaurants, cafes, and places to visit. When it comes to unique and exhilarating Gold Coast attractions you have a wide range of options, and many wonderful things to see and experience. Every day you can check out something new and interesting, with your family or friends. One of the best decisions you can make is by visiting us at Infinity Attraction. I’m proud to announce that Infinity has just been listed as the 2nd most popular attraction on and regularly stays in the Top 5 Things to Do on the Gold Coast.

Infinity Gold Coast

As the manager of Infinity, I am proud to be the part of such a exciting and unique attraction, which is among the most popular Gold Coast attractions for many reasons. Let me explain:

It’s enjoyed by all ages

It is the perfect choice, because it is fun for all ages (over 8yrs). You can come with your family, friends or neighbors and you will have the most amazing time. When it comes to entertainment, there are certain attractions which are ideal for teenagers, others are super fun for young adults, but Infinity Attraction is different. No matter how old you are, you will certainly have an amazing time. Many families who have visited our attraction come back a second and third time, and I’m sure you will do the same.

Since Infinity can be enjoyed by the entire family, take your kids (over 8 years old) and step into the futuristic world full of fun. If you have planned to hang out with your friends over the weekend or to go out on a date  choose to experience one of the Gold Coast’s best attractions and do something different.. You will have a blast!

It’s easy to access

Infinity Attraction is centrally located in the heart of Surfers Paradise at Chevron Renaissance Centre. This means it is easy walking distance from most hotels and apartments. The fact that Infinity is easy to access makes the entire experience even more enjoyable. If you don’t have plans for the weekend, call your friends or surprise your family – come and visit Infinity Attraction! You will have so much fun and you will not have to worry about any transport issues in finding us.

Tickets are affordable

Often when reading about certain Gold Coast attractions, no matter how badly you want to visit them, you give up on the idea because the price is simply too high for you. At Infinity  our ticket prices are affordable and suitable for any budget. Theme parks can be upwards of $75 for one person, and hundreds of dollars for a family, which is too expensive for many. AtInfinity, you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices. For example, a child admission is $16.10, and for the family of 4 is just $65.60 (when booked online). As you may notice our prices are more than reasonable for such a unique and world first  entertainment experience. Having one of the best adventures does not have to cost you hundreds of dollars. If you purchase your tickets online you will also receive a discount. It is that simple.

It’s an unforgettable 30 minute experience

Infinity is anything but ordinary attraction. It is more than just an attraction, it is a journey which includes 20 multi-sensual environments and every single one is filled with special effects, atmospheric sound fields, super cool music and illusions which are simply spectacular. It’s a futuristic world, the kind of world you have never seen before. You can’t describe it- you just have to experience it.

Infinity is the walk-through adventure. You will explore each and every environment in order to find the way to the next world. From the moment your journey starts you will challenge all your senses and you will also flare up your imagination.

No doubt you’ll have heard many people talking about Infinity and the super cool experience they have had. In order to fully understand what Infinity means and how amazing the adventure actually is, why not stop by on your next visit and check us out. Once you do, you will be impressed and you will be wanting more.

Perfect for groups and parties

Infinity is also an excellent option for groups and parties for one simple reason – nothing can beat it. It is perfect for kids’ parties (again, best suited for kids over 8), because the entire experience is great fun. It is also an amazing adventure for Schoolies. In case your business involves working with delegates from out of town or overseas, bring them to Infinity, because after a very long and busy day all of you need is something to awaken the senses! Your guests will love it! If you want to motivate your staff and work on corporate team building, Infinity is also the perfect choice. Reward your team and watch them enjoy every single second. Planning a work party? You will have a lot of fun with your colleagues, that’s for sure! There are many social clubs out there seeking new adventures and activities and Infinity is offering something entirely different. Infinity welcomes youth groups as well. It is super cool and some say- magical.


Past customers are more than impressed! When the adventure is over, you will want to relive it over and over again because the attraction is so unique and that special wow effect, you simply cannot get  anywhere else. This is what some of our satisfied customers had to say:

WOW! Words cannot adequately describe the INFINITY experience. Infinity was without a doubt the most spectacular and memorable experience of our Gold Coast holiday. Totally amazing. Nothing at the theme parks comes close in comparison. Can’t wait to come back again.” – Cheers, Rod & Gaelyne, Adelaide

“Had a great time – To be honest I always thought this place was for kids. Put off going here for years until someone twisted my arm into going. I’m glad they did because I had such a great time and would certainly go back for round two!” – Tools of Travel UK

“We had amazing time going through infinity especially after a drink. The lights are so effective you really feel as if you’re in another universe. It’s not scary there are not things or people jumping out at you so all your doing is laughing and having a good time. I have been here twice now and I would do it again!! Great for kids and adults!” – Ruby 807

These are just some of the recommendations provided by people on TripAdvisor who visited  Infinity Attraction. As you can see, all those testimonials have one thing in common – everyone had an amazing time and so will you!


With all these incredible reasons listed, it is no wonder why the Infinity is considered as the 2nd most popular Gold Coast Attraction. It is suitable for all ages (over 8), and it is the perfect option for having a blast with family, friends or work colleagues. It is centrally located with 2 hours free parking or 2 minutes’ walk from the Cavill tram stop.

One of the best things about Infinity is that it is cost effective and won’t break your budget. Our prices are suitable for any budget, and if you are planning to go with your family, it will cost you only $65.60 when booked online and that is simply awesome!

The attraction itself will take you on a special journey which generally lasts for 30 minutes. Some say it’s the best 30 minutes entertainment on the Gold Coast. A futuristic world full of surprises is waiting for you to explore it!

Those who had the Infinity experience are more than impressed because our attraction will make you want to dance, scream and have a lot of laughs! Also, Infinity is a super interesting option for groups and parties, and it is ideal for kids, Schoolies, conferences, corporate team building, social clubs, youth groups and work parties. Discounts and special offers are available for groups and parties and when purchasing the tickets online.

It’s not unusual for guests to come back time and time again and you will want to do the same. No doubt Infinity will become your favorite place among Gold Coast Attractions as well!

Next time when you’re at Surfers Paradise, don’t forget to visit the most popular Gold Coast attraction, Infinity. It simply must be on the top of your “to visit list”. If you have any questions, send an email, or give us a call. Book your tickets online on our website.

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Infinity Attraction: What is it?

Spending quality time with your kids is priceless. As a parent, you are always doing your best to take them somewhere different where they can really enjoy themselves. If you are searching for the perfect place that is exciting, unique and fun for the whole family, then you can’t go past the INFINITY attraction in Surfers Paradise at Chevron Renaissance. It’s a 21st century experience that should be at the top of your list. You will all love it and it will instantly become your kids’ favourite place to visit. The attraction is suitable for all ages over 8.

Infinity Gold Coast

The only way to understand how cool and entertaining INFINITY is for you and your kids, is to visit it. Looking at their happy faces when the adventure is over will be priceless..

INFINITY is the most popular attraction in Surfers Paradise with many visitors saying they had more fun in half an hour at INFINITY than they did at some major theme parks! It is the first and only attraction of its kind in the world. It offers a unique and highly interactive adventure. We can guarantee that it will be very different to any other adventure you or your children have ever had.

INFINITY is a walk-through, maze-like adventure through 20 different environments that are full of imagination, special effects, illusions, atmospheric sound fields, and ultra-groovy music for all ages. Your adventure is a walk-through experience that typically lasts about half an hour. It will ignite your imagination and challenge all your senses. It will be something new for them, which is why they will love it! It is safe, fun environment, ideal for kids over 8, although some under this age also find it fascinating.

INFINITY is a great venue for kids’ parties, kids clubs, social clubs, youth groups and school outings. As mentioned, it is a safe, fun environment, which is why is why it is considered as one of the best  Gold Coast activity for kids. If you want to surprise your children by organising a kid’s party,there is no better option. It is ideal for social clubs and youth groups. When finally returning to reality from the fun of  these futuristic worlds of special effects, kids are excited and laughing.

Another important thing which makes INFINITY attractive is the price. Tickets are only $16.10 per child when purchased online. There are special packages which are available for party groups. You won’t spend too much money and the experience will be phenomenal. Families come to have fun, explore the environments, and laugh a lot.


Infinity Attraction

If you have been searching for a perfect place to take your kids for a fun experience, INFINITY is the place! It is one of the most popular Gold Coast attractions for kids, because it is totally different from all the other attractions. INFINITY is suitable for all ages  over 8, which means you will enjoy it as well. The walk-through journey will take your kids from one environment to another. It will be a true adventure full of surprises, fun and laughter. It will challenge the kid’s senses and it will ignite their imagination. It is a perfect venue for kid’s parties, social clubs and youth clubs.

For any questions about Infinity Attraction, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page, or call 07 5526 8935 for our ticket desk.

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Chevron Renaissance Set for a Facelift

Surfers Paradise has many wonderful places to see and explore. There are so many fun attractions which are perfect for families and Infinity Attraction is the most popular one in the area. Infinity Attraction has called Chevron Renaissance home since its opening, so when we were notified that Chevron Renaissance would be undergoing a multi million dollar face lift, we were ecstatic and welcoming the upcoming development.

The redevelopment of the property, which opened its doors in 2000, will make the precinct more appealing. It will certainly add a glow and a touch of refreshment which will attract many new people to visit Chevron Renaissance.

Chevron Renaissance

The transformation of the popular shopping precinct located in the heart of Surfers Paradise will start soon. The developers and architects have a clear vision about the future look of Chevron Renaissance. The investment company which purchased the site for a reported $75 million is Precision Group, owned by Shaun Bonétt. The BRW Rich List estimated the wealth of Shaun Bonétt at $375 million. The investment company has various properties, such as White Horse Hotel Sydney, Customs House Port Adelaide and the Victory Hotel Brisbane. Chevron Renaissance is the first one on the Gold Coast in their portfolio. Bonétt had always been aware that the property was the perfect investment and he got the chance at the end of 2014 to negotiate a deal. He founded the Precision Group more than 20 years ago and the company became strong thanks to the purchase of retail properties, which have been properly developed first, and then sold.

Shaun Bonétt said the main problem with Chevron Renaissance is that the centre did not have a clear vision, and moving forward, improving it is essential. The idea is to make the shopping centre attractive again with many top-quality services which will be available and with a renovated Coles supermarket. The precinct will be refreshed and it will have more of a lifestyle appeal. It will be food oriented, but it will be the perfect blend of affordable prices and top quality food. The renovation project takes all important factors into account, such as the fact the property has seven entry points and a large demographic customer base. The full understanding of the available opportunities the centre has to offer is extremely important. The property was built incredibly well, which is why the redevelopment won’t be as complicated, and as Shaun Bonétt said, it is a great honour to have such an opportunity and to be a part of the Chevron Renaissance renovation project. The goal is to attract more people to visit the centre and to attract well known international tenants.

The plan for Chevron Renaissance and all the other new proposed developments will surely make Infinity an even more attractive place to visit whilst staying in Surfers Paradise. Infinity is the most popular attraction in Surfers Paradise, because it is unique and completely different. It is a perfect option for family fun, a work mate adventure or an enjoyable experience with friends. Infinity is open every day of the week, from 10am to 10 pm. It is suitable for all ages (over 8). The adventure is set in a maze-like world with amazing special effects, atmospheric sound fields and groovy music and a wide range of infinite illusions. People who have already visited our great attraction were amazed by the experience of their emotions. With the renovation of the Chevron Renaissance, Infinity Attraction will certainly have more visitors and this is something we welcome with open arms.


The Chevron Renaissance facelift will begin soon. The beautiful centre which is based in an attractive location deserves a new fresh transformation. The vision of the renovation and improvements is clear and the developers and architects have some huge plans for the future of Chevron Renaissance. The site was purchased by the Precision Group, an investment company which was founded in 1994 by Shaun Bonétt who is the company’s CEO and is their first investment on the Gold Coast. The main goal of the renovation is to make the centre more attractive to neighbours, tourists and international tenants. Coles supermarket will be renovated and the entire centre will become more food oriented, with exceptional service and affordable prices. The renovation project is important for us here at Infinity as well, because for us, Chevron Renaissance is home. The million dollar facelift will begin soon, and it will look amazing. We cannot wait!

To learn more about infinity Attraction or to purchase tickets, visit our official website today.

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