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Kids Parties at Infinity on the Gold Coast

Planning a birthday bash on the Gold Coast for your kids can be a hard task, 

especially if you’re working and lacking the inspiration. That’s why we’ve put

together these 7 steps to help you go all out without having to go, all out!


1. The Food

While being super creative and planning intricate snack foods sounds good in

theory, it’s usually not worth the hassle on the day (unless you have a maid).

Chances are, the kids won’t even appreciate the effort you’ve gone to make those

Peppa Pig inspired sliders or the Angry Birds vegetable snack ‘deconstruction’.

The key is to keep it simple. Go with what you know and what you are

comfortable with to make the day as stress free as possible. Nothing wrong with

party pies, mixed sandwiches and fairy bread!


2. The Plan

Make sure you plan a schedule for all the activities throughout the day and allow

for travel time. What time your guests should arrive, where you’ll play games,

what time to arrive at Infinity, where to get ice cream and what they’ll get when

they go home.


3. Invitations

Make sure you order your Infinity party invitations a few weeks prior to the date

of the party. This gives you enough time to personalise and send them out with

enough notice for your guests to RSVP.


4. RSVP list

Ensure you stay on top of who’s coming and if they have any special requests.

When inviting guests, try and keep the numbers even so no one misses out

during the games and remember – the older the children, the better they are at

tolerating bigger crowds, so be strategic about how many kids you invite.


5. Involve the birthday boy/girl

Don’t be too overbearing with the decision making, get your child in on the

conversation as well. If you both have very different ideas about what themes

could work (or are even possible), write them down. You need to decide what

you are willing to pay for and spend time on, so if you control what goes onto the

list, then your child will still feel like they get to choose.


6. Opening the presents

Do it at home – trust us! There is nothing more embarrassing than your child

announcing in front of all your guests that they don’t like what they’ve been

given! Avoid the stress of what they might say and open the presents when you

get home.

Another added benefit of opening the presents at home is there is no risk of

losing different bits and pieces. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to

find every lost piece of Lego from a 500-piece star wars set.


7. Infinity Attraction

If you really want to knock the socks of the kids, then Infinity is the perfect place

to blow their minds! Literally let your kids run free to explore a world of wonder

at Infinity at Surfers Paradise. Every facet of the attraction is supervised, safe and

super fun for all kids aged 8 and above!


What’s better – Infinity is indoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather

ruining your kid’s perfect day, which is really important when you live on the

Gold Coast. You don’t have to worry about parking as there is two hours free and

plenty of spaces located in Mantra Chevron Renaissance.


Note that you need a minimum number of 8 guests to book a kids

birthday party. For a full list of prices and different party options, please download this party

booking form and send back to


Infinity on the Gold Coast is the perfect place to hold a stress free party for your

child’s next birthday and one they will never forget!

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